Thumbs up for suqian rescue hero

2022-05-17 0 By

The netizen “want to eat ¹ mouth puffs.”Information: At about 6:50 this morning, a woman jumped into the river from the Liyuan Bridge.Then Suqian boy ye so-and-so regardless of personal danger down to save, then save up, ambulance, police car also arrived.This suqian guy rescued silently left.I get all wet and then I get cold.Praise for suqian rescue hero!Small make up to remind: 1, for drowning for help, if you can’t swim, you can choose to find a rope or floating object nearby that can play a rescue role and throw it to the drowning personnel, and timely alarm on the shore, and ask who will swim to save people, the rescuers also want to do a good job of protection, it is best to tie the rope.2, for people who can swim, it is also recommended to do a good job of rescue protection, it is best to tie the rope, once there is bound can not swim, can be rescued through the rope to shore.From past experience, people who fall into the water will be nervous, leading to the wrong hold rescuers, resulting in rescuers do not have the strength to swim to bring people ashore.3, after the launch of the tow, but also has more professional requirements, if not through professional training, may not be able to effectively bring the drowning personnel ashore, but also may drag themselves into the water, if not fully confident, or need to wait for professional rescue personnel to arrive.4. According to the actual situation, if you need to drain water or do CARDIopulmonary resuscitation, if you do not know professional treatment methods, you need to ask if there are professional personnel nearby for treatment.