Nippon China focuses on the double carbon goal and joins hands with Lyondellbasell to create green packaging

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Opened the coating industry and environmental protection packing “new chapter” in Shanghai on March 24, 2022 / pr newswire / — China’s news has been reported in “plastic waste not only ‘is no place of garbage, if we can recycle and regeneration of waste plastic is very good, will become the new resources, reducing consumption of native resources.”[1] to stick to the strategy of sustainable development, focusing on double carbon targets, sets up China has announced a strategic cooperation with lyondell Basel, plastic waste “into”, create new green packaging for Nippon paint system products, and to promote the sustainable development of coatings industry, the colorful life of the common power “of” green first.”Sustainability is one of Nippon’s corporate strategies,” said Yi Bai, president of Nippon China Sourcing Headquarters.This partnership with Lyondellbasell is an important step in our sustainability efforts, bringing green clothing to our products through innovative packaging.I believe this will lead the industry green packaging development trend, will also get more and more consumers to the brand recognition and industry consensus, for the future of the country’s double carbon goals to contribute!”Nippon’s new green plastic packaging coating system products Lyondell Asia Pacific President Yu Jiayi is also full of expectations for the cooperation: “Nippon is a coating brand favored by Chinese consumers.We are excited to work with Nippon to create our new paint packaging using mechanically recycled polymers to bring sustainable solutions to people’s lives and meet consumers’ demands for environmentally friendly products.This partnership is a useful attempt by us and Nippon to live up to our commitment to sustainable development.We will continue to work with industry chain partners like Nippon in China to promote sustainable development.”Lyondell is one of the world’s leading companies in plastics, chemicals and refining, providing products and services to more than 100 countries, as well as one of the leading companies in polymer production and polyolefin technology licensing.Lyondell Basell launched Circulen last year. CirculenRecover polypropylene polymer is made from the mechanical recycling of plastic waste after consumption, which helps reduce plastic waste entering the environment, thus promoting circular economy and improving the sustainable value of consumer products.And the use of efficient recycling process to deal with plastic waste, can achieve a lower carbon footprint, provide a sustainable and high-quality characteristics of recycled plastic products, give plastic waste “second life”.Nippon and Lyondellbasell cooperated to create a new environmentally friendly plastic green packaging for coating system products, which was made of CirculenRecover polypropylene polymer, and promoted the overall sustainability of products.At the same time, the new packaging has passed rigorous tests, and its quality is excellent and stable.Colorful Nippon, green first.In 2010, Nippon combined “ECO “with “COLOR” and put forward the highest guiding principle of corporate social responsibility of “sustainable geodetic ‘COLOR ‘”. Through carrying out multi-dimensional” green action “, the sustainable concept of carbon reduction and consumption reduction has been implemented into every link of corporate operation. On this basis,Constantly pay attention to the carbon footprint of every step of the whole value chain and the optimization and upgrading of the whole life cycle of products from a systematic strategic perspective.It is our commitment to sustainability that brings Nippon and Leander Bassel together.Fu Limin, Vice President of Polyolefin business of Lyondell China, said: “Achieving China’s dual carbon policy requires the contribution of outstanding enterprises in all sectors.We are very pleased to work with Nippon to take the lead in bringing recycled plastics into coating packaging.In China, we actively cooperate with the upstream and downstream industry chain, relying on our technological advantages, and constantly promote the local supply and commercialization of CirculenRecover products.”This partnership will accelerate Lyondell’s efforts to bring sustainable solutions to the Chinese market and help accelerate the low-carbon transformation of the local industry value chain.”Sets up on the way of sustainable development, and always walk on, and look forward to in the future, positive response national double carbon targets, concrete practice of corporate social responsibility, continue to promote technological innovation, environmental protection and lyondell Basel, hand in hand and like-minded partners in every field, with good functional and environmental protection of green packaging and coating products,We will help tens of millions of Chinese families and customers from all walks of life to refresh the “green” livable space, and jointly contribute to the realization of the national “dual carbon” goal, and make the earth wonderful forever.[1] — China launches Full-chain Control Action to Crack down on plastic Pollution