“Dakang secretary” of the new play boot, but his appearance young people questioned

2022-05-17 0 By

Recently, wu Gang, Zhao Lusi and other actors starred in the new drama “After wave” held a ceremony to start the production.This also let for a long time did not appear “Dakang secretary” to return to our sight.Wearing a black suit and turtleneck sweater, he looked in good spirits.But what caught my attention was Wu Gang’s face, which was completely different. He seemed to be more than ten years younger and looked like a Korean star.His face looks very unnatural. In the past, there were many wrinkles on his face. He looks like a normal middle-aged man.But now, Wu Gang can not put away his smile, the wrinkles on his face are much less, as if he has been transformed into a young young fresh meat, only the state of his eyes can not hide the vicissitudes of life.Where did this shift from a middle-aged man seemingly not needing to go under the knife to himself come from?Many netizens speculated that Wu Gang must have had an injection in his face, because he did not recover well, so he has the present appearance.Others say he is like Li Ting’s husband Lin Ruiyang, Lin Ruiyang is also a person who has had an injection?We generally know that only older women want to have injections in the face.And the man’s face generally has the vicissitudes of feeling will be more mature, few men will think of the injection.Wu Gang has starred in many hit TV series, including In the Name of People, Celebration of Life and Wolf Warrior 2.Although the supporting role is more, but his acting is worth our affirmation, he also won the magnolia award for the best supporting actor.An old actor, specializing in acting, if he really moved his face, but will have a certain impact on his acting, because we audiences can jump!Some netizens said they would not expect him to perform if he turned out like this.Before that, in The Name of the People, Wu Gang played secretary Da Kang, with his fish-eyed, wrinkled face and almost no smile. His dignified appearance was very down-to-earth and made many viewers remember him.Suppose wu Gang, who has become a South Korean star, plays a similar role, and what kind of style will it be?I understand the feelings of some netizens. I think an actor who makes a living by his strength should do his job properly.Those things to improve their appearance level, that is not what the ability to rely on the face to eat things, Wu Gang did not have to go to this step.Perhaps he was acting on his own account, and only he knew what he was thinking.Hope is our illusion, really do not want to “Dakang secretary” from now on no more.