Baoding property market: The “shortage” of new homes has left many buyers in a dilemma

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Abstract: The supply of new houses in Baoding has left many home buyers in a dilemma. The supply of new houses in Baoding has left many home buyers in a dilemma.Used to describe the whole baoding city now the main urban area of the new house market is no more appropriate.From the beginning of 2021, the real estate or so a few real estate, good floor, good family have been picked over.Consumers are still waiting in the hope that prices will continue to fall.They are still waiting, hoping to enter the market for some high-end and cheap new properties.Baoding real estate agent specializing in selling a first-hand house in worry, where should I sell?I am Dongdongdong, a real estate agent who likes to write down daily work. Every day, I will update some purchasing experience and the latest information of baoding real estate market. Welcome to follow me.Inventory of housing consumption is now the most worried about those who sell a house “conscience” intermediaries, really worried about no room to sell, then we slowly stroked the sale of these buildings.Dongdi on the Upper East Side of East Zhuozheng: These are houses that have been picked over for years, and the prices are very high, literally, a little high, and only zhuozheng’s most loyal fans would buy them.Yanyuncheng: now can find a 3 – storey house source must say is a good floor, in addition to 1 floor, is the top floor, 2 floor are not good to deal with.East Lake Boyue Mountain: Before xiaolong’s accident, East Lake Boyue Mountain was hovering on the edge of liquidation. Will you still buy even if there are houses available now?As for winter View Garden’s return home, all kinds of short videos have flooded the Internet. Do you still have the courage to buy it?Yunxi capital: is also xiaolong real estate, real estate is a good real estate, the location is also a good location, the price is also a reasonable price, is not the developer te reliable.Southern City of Love: just opened, housing supply is sufficient, the price is slightly higher, most of the buyers are Great Wall employees and surrounding residents, and some of the buyers have special feelings for the southern city.Golden moon: Love real estate and new city holdings cooperative development, the remaining housing supply is not much, because many of the previous contact salesclerk little sister has been transferred to the sales department of love City.Great Wall home: limited price room, do not understand, no familiar sales staff.The whole baoding south city is love real estate take hold of the dead, water can not be poured into the needle can not enter.Northern China: one or two apartments pop out occasionally, but now they mainly sell commercial doors.Ronglian World city: already sold out, it is said that has not started, the owners heart drum.Planting phase ii: similar to the situation of The Chinese government, occasionally jump out of a point of housing.Jingneng puyuan: There was a lot of negative news about the government-limited housing price before, but it is said that it has been cleared up and all the housing is capped. After all, it has been sold for so many years.Zhili new town: a real estate agents spurned the real estate, because of the low commission of the poor, but even so, four green court three-bedroom housing has been sold out, now two and a house there are some, optional.Viewing platform: a small volume of real estate, drag to sell fast to hand over the house has not sold out, but also occasionally jumped out a few houses, once a fan friend comment is very right, developers sold out of nothing, slowly sell bai.Long Ze garden: the government price limit housing, housing resources and, but only the five district hukou to buy qualifications.Western Xiyue Jiuli and Jinmao Yue: the main housing supply is concentrated in foreign houses, which are relatively large, and some just need apartments only have the first floor and the top floor.Xiangxi Mingxu Yueju: The 105 apartment has been sold out, occasionally there will be a return, and the price has been raised.Harrow City: Because of the low price, it has been the top seller in baoding West City these days, and the housing supply is almost exhausted.Zhongchengquan Language and Longqin Garden: It is either on the way of price reduction, it has been falling since the opening, but the price reduction does make these two real estate have a certain sales volume, housing options.Central Yulan nine fu: housing options are not very big, sales are not too good, the main reason is to rise in price, a little wind blowing, yulan nine fu is absolutely the first price.Purple yuhua Court: has begun to have less than 10000 yuan/square meter of housing out, now still dare to buy are brave, are gambling.Shang Yuyuan two: according to the developer said to have been liquidated, but the sales department of the girls are still working hard to promote, whether it is really liquidated, true and false from it.This is only baoding city in the sale of real estate sales can be calculated recently, these real estate only accounted for baoding city downtown in the sale of real estate about 40%, there are very many real estate no inventory and statistics, the main reason for two points: first, not familiar with these real estate.Second, with these real estate sales clerk little sister is not familiar.Baoding city’s main urban area does have a lot of real estate in sale at present, but these real estate is either dragged a few years or even more than ten years have not made the “old people”, or is the housing supply is sufficient but the five cards are not complete, or is the five cards are complete but there is no what housing, there is the most exasperating is a card are not.Do not exclude these buildings will be bought, but it is absolutely a very few people will buy, because now is an era of network information, a lot of information on the Internet can be queried to, now also dare to venture to buy the problem of cheap real estate, don’t cry in the future said he emptied six wallets.For me, the courage of the relatively small real estate agents, these buildings do not want to sell, nor do not make money, on the contrary, these buildings earn more, not to say how “conscience” on the simple just dare not sell.I don’t know if you will buy, but I won’t sell, because I want to be a real estate agent for a long time.Next, let’s take a look at the number of apartments that will come to market this year.Chunjiang Jinshang: 454 households;Country Garden · Xinghe City: 1,878 households;Mingyue Jiangnan: 1206 households, but this is the number of 10 buildings, only 4 buildings are commercial housing, the total number of houses can be sold about 400;Kuntai International: 29 residential buildings, and a conference center, the total number of residential units is unknown, friends of Hengxiang Real Estate are welcome to add;Kunlun International: 388 households;The details of Yanhuacheng, Shangyuyuan PHASE iii and Xiangxi Mingxu Phase III are not clear, and the total number of houses is unknown.Based on what is known so far, baoding’s real estate market will not see more than 10,000 new houses coming to market in 2022.So, I will has been said since last year, really just need to be really can not wait, wait to go to wait for just a lonely, but just change or pure improvement can wait, even really is in no hurry housing, such as a three to five years, after baoding good building will be more and more, the premise is you have to have sufficient funds.In the end, there must be a bar to, and village in the city of baoding city demolition, a lot of property in the market of housing for an excuse to move out, I think the next article we can have a good chat, why so many people always to move back into the market, lower baoding house prices as a reason for not to buy a house now, if a property market really lower house by baoding house prices, and then?If you have any comments or views on this topic, please feel free to leave your thoughts and views below.The above text, from the winter winter winter, purely personal views, for reference only.Original writing, sharing is not easy, if you think the article is good, welcome to like forwarding.Content does not please all readers, writing sharing is also a process of mutual selection between reading groups and writing groups.