A tank of oil more than 1000 kilometers is the basic operation, more important is the “yue Ye” life pioneer

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After “Spring”, nothing is more exciting than “unbridled fun wild”!In the warm sun of March, Beijing Cross-country focused on the theme of “Spring flowers and wild scenery” and created the “4+4 City Spring Beauty and Wild Goddess Season” by way of 4 cities test drive +4 cities live broadcast.Following the official announcement of the cooperation with the women’s soccer players in zhengzhou station live broadcast, and the off-road female owners of the blade diesel version/ring Tower champion version of the Rape Flower Sea, On March 25th,”Spring warm flowers, wanton fun wild Beijing off-road Sonorous four zero club area live xi ‘an station” and “spring warm flowers, wanton fun wild Beijing off-road Sonorous four zero club area test drive Chengdu station” synchronous open, a passion and dream of yue Wild life show sonorous staged.The women’s athletes as honorary President Long sisters party super interesting both football and cross-country skiing, were once considered “exclusive” male, but it happened that a group of “spirit” of female hero, win the respect with the hardcore strength and tenacious perseverance, Beijing cross-country cooperation with women’s athletes Tang Jiali, Ma Jun, commune is already a long time after the hit it off.Two star players joined Sonorous Four zero club and served as honorary president, BJ40 “Yuanye Co-create Ambassador”, opened BJ40 Sonorous Roses co-create trip plan;At the same time, the two girls also became members of the 100 Heroes Group, Beijing Cross-country Charity Ambassadors and BJ40 fun field experts.Holding “her strength”, women can also play off-road the same blood, warm heart and sense of mission, so that “sonorous rose” and “sonorous four zero” together, and sonorous together off-road female owners, is also the “god synchronization” from beginning to end.Along with the rise of social, economic, the new age women continuously break the gender divide, cross-country skiing, once “exclusive” men also appears more and more women, they hold the “power”, the cross-country has its own understanding, xi ‘an station on live, guests from woman cuju talk to yue wild life, colorful large amount of information in the dialogue.I like traveling and I like off-road reunion. I use BJ40 city Hunter version modified into Tiffany blue to fulfill my dream when I was young. And this dream car has accompanied a reunion family of four to travel all over the country.In the grassland, reunion and lover a person driving a horse, in the vast space between the wanton running, even if accidentally drove the car into the ditch, “anti-build” BJ40 can also make “thrilling” into “startled”;In Xinjiang autonomous driving encountered the epidemic, supplies when the emergency fortunately four zero car friends lend a helping hand, from the love of off-road more deep.The appearance of the weak, the heart of the flower flower, has been looking forward to one day can drag a trailer with a dog travel, BJ40 blade diesel version of the arrival, let her open the first step of dream.During a depression cross-country, she rely on BJ40 blade diesel version smooth out of the pit, is strong power and cross-country ability thoroughly impressed, she said, BJ40 blade diesel version, allow yourself to make enough to lead, this is the other models can not bring the satisfaction, she is looking forward to, under the BJ40 blade diesel version of the drive, with a little trailer, let oneself life infinite amplification radius.Xuan Xuan, a post-95 girl who loves life and likes music, likes everything that can show her personality. As for the car, she says the BJ40 Diesel blade is the best choice to show her personality and self.She had opened ice rose pink BJ40 blade diesel version, in the South of Shu Bamboo Sea, Lugu Lake, Jinsha River and Dadu river left ruts, despite the flood destroyed the emergency subgrade, BJ40 blade diesel version is still a strong cross wild can take her safely through, “Tai Collapsed in front of the color does not change”, is the top personality in her eyes.In the future, she will continue to upgrade the car’s off-road ability, in her car playing plan, manganese steel competitive bar, elevated nitrogen shock absorbance, manganese steel side pedal and other off-road equipment will appear in love car, the more wild and pink heart, she wants!More understand women’s hearts, BJ40 Blade hero diesel version become true incense of choice xi ‘an woman “Yue she said” on the same day, Chengdu girl with “Yue she move”, the off-road into action.Accompanied by the diesel version of BJ40 Blade Hero, this group of happy and wild Chengdu girls circled on the road of Longquan Mountain and got drunk in the sea of blue flowers, calling themselves “found the ‘ideal type'”.Located in the western part of the Sichuan Basin, the Longquan Mountains are beautiful with peach and pear flowers in full bloom every spring, attracting a large number of People from Chengdu to go for an outing.However, with the beauty of the scenery are the narrow and long mountain, to get a view of the scenery requires the strength of the body.BJ40 Blade Hero diesel edition has a new 2.0D diesel engine equipped with German technology, can output 120 kW, 380 N · m powerful power;Combined with the engine, the ZF 8AT gearbox is light in control and smooth in output. Coupled with the “three locks” professional off-road configuration, professional all-terrain off-road, and the maximum wading depth of 750mm, the BJ40 Blade Hero diesel version shows excellent off-road passing ability in test drive and becomes the god’s team member in the mouth of girlfriends.The hardcore off-road performance that can be easily started dispels the concerns of female consumers on off-road “unattainable”, and the comprehensive fuel consumption as low as 8.5L makes them sigh “off-road firewood is good”.BJ40 Blade Hero diesel version of the new 2.0t diesel engine has the same level of more economic fuel price performance, the cost per kilometer as low as 0.6 yuan, comparable to the compact economic car fuel consumption level, oil prices will rise without worry;Combined with the 75-liter large fuel tank, it can realize the ultra-long endurance of 1000 km in the original state, which is rare at the same level. It can easily meet the needs of long-distance crossing, and will no longer be held by “residual oil quantity anxiety”.Want to drive the fun of travel, but do not want to “bonus” tired, the quality of life requirements quite high female owners, quite care about the comfort of driving.BJ40 Blade Hero diesel edition after 100 technical evolution and upgrade, THE NVH is better than the non-closed OFF-road vehicle industry benchmark 10%, the vehicle interior noise is better than the hard off-road benchmark 3 decibels, the quiet level is comparable to the city SUV, to create a girl group quiet small world;Lots of soft materials with a delicate touch, plus plenty of storage space, make the girls “want to make the car home”.It is a good season with warm spring flowers and gentle breeze, so all kinds of projects close to nature should be arranged.In cactus music camp, sonorous four zero club for female owners to create high-level exquisite camping, goddess afternoon tea, music party and other links, so that female owners relax at the same time, see more than off-road “yue Ye” life.One day two places, inter-provincial linkage, sonorous flowers, unbridged fun wild!Beijing off-road with live + test drive synchronous way, let sonorous four zero club mobilize more sisters yue Ye enthusiasm, for the female group to create a high order slow life model.Later, the regional live test drive will be carried out in various parts of the country, and more girlfriends will be gathered soon!