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Spring playing top, summer birds, autumn bee fishing, winter mouse catching……Baitrousers Yao cultural life is very rich, each season has its own unique folk activities.Playing top, is the white pants yao traditional mass sports activities, by the white pants Yao compatriots love, the most lively playing top time is the first day to the seventh day, or street day.Guangxi Baitrousers Yao is known as the “living fossil of human civilization”, is a rare “straight” ethnic group, people baitrousers Yao poor, backward, messy inherent impression is difficult to erase.Now, with the help of the Party and the government, they are coming out of the mountains and trying to find a balance between preserving their traditions and pursuing modernization.The beginning of spring has passed.In 2021, according to the organization arrangement, I served as the first secretary of Chaofang Village, Baxu Yao Nationality Township, Nandan County.After the Spring Festival holiday this year, I went back to the village early and saw the white trousers Yao people playing gyroscope on the newly built gyroscope field through Luogai Col.”Pa…Pa…”The top spun like a whirlwind, and they aimed, twisted, and whipped it with their whole hearts.During Spring Festival, at such a specific time and place, nothing can replace the happiness of that moment, which makes me feel both gratified and emotional.Recall just came to the house in the village, I was through the “top” and the local people “play together”.In the process of carrying out household visits, I found a strange phenomenon, large and small gyros are placed in front of every house, which made me very interested.”Old brother, how can this top be divided into big and small?””This big and small top, corresponding to our old and young, our people here, men and women, young and old can play top.”At this point, a teenager showed me a gyroscope in the air.After I revealed my identity and the purpose of my visit, Brother Lao Tong told me, “In the past, we were so poor that we were as busy as a top going round and round. Now our life has become better.Gyro play a lot of, but there is no fixed site, and other fellow township ‘play’ afraid is not.”Say, he also came up with a unique skills, to a palm spin gyro, I see more and more excited, then the scene to a “worship”.At the same time, the idea of building a gyro field arose in my mind.In order to solve the gyro site, I ran everywhere to coordinate, two motorcycles, four wheel cars together, the heart think, mouth say is to build gyro site.After many times of coordination, other work is relatively smooth, but when it comes to site selection, there are “bumps and bruises” everywhere.”No, certainly not. The place at Middle Ton occupies woodland;The open space next to mengxiu soldier household is at the junction of permanent basic farmland, so we need to ask a third-party surveying and mapping company to measure with professional technology…”Eight wei yao nationality country rules station staff member helplessly shake his head.While I was worrying about the site selection of gyo field, Tang Shilong, who was in charge of Luoguai Depression area, put forward his own idea: “There is a piece of land at the foot of luoguai Depression tuen level roadside broken, which is the house base of Chen Yubing, a probate party member. The income population covers five villages around Mengchong, Qiaoxia, Niangnianshan, Tianping and Jiaci, so you can go and have a look.Under the leadership of Tong Shilong, we came to Luo Guai Pass.After field inspection, both from the site area and adjacent distance, it is the best land to build gyro field, but because it is the villagers’ homegrounds, in the village “two committees” team after discussion, I led the village staff and village cadres to communicate site selection matters.When we arrived at Chen Yubing’s home, his wife received us because he was out. After we showed our intention of coming, we asked Chen Yubing’s wife for her opinion.”Secretary Li, it is a good thing to build gyro farm, but as you can see, our family has many children and they are all grown up. We have worked in cities to earn money to build houses, and we want to create better living conditions for our children…”Chen’s wife rubbed her hands, bowed her head and thought about it again, then hesitantly said, “Why don’t you sit for a while longer and discuss with Chen When he comes back?”Just as everyone looked at each other awkwardly, the sound of a motorcycle came from outside.”Don’t discuss it. I agree.”Chen swept the dust off his body and went into the house and sat down.”Secretary Li, I just received a phone call from the village party secretary, know you come home for gyro site, I rushed back…As a probationary party member, I firmly support the decision of the organization and approve it with both hands.””Then Chen yubing turned to comfort his wife and said,” The original foundation of the house we are living in was made according to the three-story building. Adding another floor over the original two stories will not solve the problem.With the support of Chen Yubing, I immediately retyped the report and invited the staff of township forestry station and township national planning station to investigate on the spot. The site selection of Luoguai Depression did meet the construction standards of gyro site.For the extra part of the area, after various negotiations, to obtain the financial support of the county commission for Discipline inspection and county culture, radio, television, sports and tourism bureau, built a basketball court next to gyro field, a total of 270,000 yuan.The country’s infrastructure has been fully covered, and poverty alleviation and rural vitalization are both under the supervision of the government.Less than a year, toward the room village village appearance of the village has undergone earth-shaking changes, also boosted the white pants Yao people’s spirit.”Now there are more employment channels for people to go out, and there is no need to worry about sales of things grown at home. The government has also helped us build gyro fields and basketball courts, which has improved the spiritual and cultural life of the baipants Yao people.”Work in the county back to the white pants yao guy Luo Xiubing said happily.At the proposal of the villagers’ representatives, we named the new gyro field “Happiness gyro field”.(Nandan County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision) Editor: He Sen