The first day of vacation, tussah county actively into the construction of various projects

2022-05-16 0 By

Spring comes early, forge ahead at the right time.February 7, the snow has not dispersed, the smell of the New Year, soaking the whole Tussahui county.Ganyou river excavators roar, pile drivers bang, together into an inspiring song of construction.The first day of the holiday, the tussah county housing construction Bureau all cadres with a new look, full of work enthusiasm, high spirit of fighting spirit, actively into the New Year’s various projects in the construction work, striving for the first quarter of the development of the cause of housing construction “a good start”.Linhe road leisure fitness trails left bank, sunshine garden road engineering, happy forest engineering, a medium city, traffic road, hung on road bridge across a river and other 22 project from south to north, from the east and the west, to start construction, construction site everywhere permeated with early starts, working atmosphere, for progress, the development of the fast production.Huang Guozheng, secretary of the party Group and director of the HOUSING And Urban-rural Development Bureau, led relevant personnel to hold a meeting on arranging arrangements for the supervision parties and construction units on the site on the fifth day of the first lunar month, and listened to the report of the construction units on the preparation for the construction of the project.And make arrangements for the next step work deployment, we must fully recognize the importance of project construction, to a time when zhang, tasks, zhang, timing each link of the construction of the project as a whole, the science reasonable arrangement of construction process, efficiently promote the construction progress, a good project construction in the New Year run “first shot”, ensure that each project in 2022 to effectively promote with good quality.