Suzhou epidemic, really where is the epidemic where am I

2022-05-16 0 By

# Suzhou epidemic # is really the epidemic where I where [split], thought that students yellow code is my closest to the virus, who would have thought yesterday afternoon and just been adjusted to risk…Maybe I can’t go downstairs for a month except for nucleic acid. I stay in the house and sleep later and later every day. Haha, the day and night are reversed quickly, but I still wake up naturally at work every day.However, the weather is so cold, it is windy and rainy outside, and the temperature at least reaches below zero at night. The epidemic prevention personnel are really working very hard, delivering food from the gate of the community to the door, and making nucleic acid day and night. The only thing that can help is to actively cooperate with them.But I think the quiet waiting of the crowd is better than creating panic and bad attitude…These days to see the community really saw some ghostly spirit……Slowly understand each other!After all, no one has experienced the epidemic is not, ha ha ha ha, I hope Suzhou can recover as soon as possible, everything is normal![Wishing Tiger][Wishing Tiger][Blessing tiger]