Shiqiao Town, Yiyuan County

2022-05-16 0 By

Shandong, March 30 – The situation of the novel coronavirus is still severe. As a relatively closed space, large flow of people and high population density service window unit, it is a key area for epidemic prevention and control.The Convenience Service Center of Shiqiao Town, Yiyuan County fully implemented the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control work, made solid progress in various work during the epidemic prevention and control period, carried out convenience services in an orderly manner, met the needs of the masses to the greatest extent, and ensured the “balance” between epidemic prevention and control and government services.We will strengthen publicity and optimize innovation.Through the public number, wechat group, the issuance of convenient service cards and other ways, it is suggested that the handling masses apply for business through Zibo government affairs service network, reduce on-site handling, guiding the handling masses to “online”, “palm do”, “assistant agent”, “telephone do” and other “online” handling, reduce the “offline” meeting opportunities.Correct guidance, strict prevention and control.In order to reduce the risk of cluster epidemic, the convenience service center of the town attaches great importance to the “prevention of import”, and only opens the east gate as the only entrance during the prevention and control period.”Show your health code” and “wear a mask” are prominently displayed at the entrance.For those who really need to enter the hall for business, make an appointment in advance and take good personal protection. Disposable masks will be provided free of charge for residents who do not wear masks.Health inspection and registration areas will be set up, equipped with remote infrared thermometer, sanitizer, alcohol and other anti-epidemic products, and the working masses will be guided to cooperate with the staff of the convenience service center and voluntarily accept temperature detection and information registration.Leave the hall as soon as possible after handling the business to minimize the gathering of personnel.(Correspondent: Lee Geum-young)