Officer xuan!Longgang district will return to school in batches from April 8!

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In the spring, the epidemic situation in Shenzhen is stable and improving. According to the unified deployment of the whole city, students in each school section will return to school in batches.According to the “Shenzhen Schools at all levels and of all types of Spring Semester Return to School Work Plan”, after research, Longgang District will be in accordance with the principle of “grading, batch” solid and orderly promote schools at all levels and of all types of schools (parks) return to school work, return to school schedule is as follows:Junior college, undergraduate, master, PhD graduates, return to school on April 11;Other students return to school on April 18.● Senior high school (including secondary vocational) and Junior High School.Students in grade one and grade two will return to school on April 8.Grade 3 students of compulsory education will return to school on April 11.● First and second grade and primary and kindergarten.Students in grade one, Two and primary school will return to school on April 11;Kindergarten children and special school students, back to school April 13.# 02 careful deployment good students back to school each work was carried out to ensure the security of school teachers and students health, longgang district special campus epidemic prevention and control work team held many meetings for careful deployment, compaction compaction campus epidemic prevention and control “four responsibilities”, refine the concrete work plan, completes the parent-school communication, to carry out the fall prevention and control measures, woven tightly woven dense outbreak of campus nets,Ensure the return to school work is safe, orderly and smooth.On the afternoon of April 6, Wang Qingke, member of the Standing Committee of Longgang District Committee and Head of the Organization Department, presided over a special class meeting on epidemic prevention and control in Longgang District. Officials from The Education bureau, Health Bureau, Human Resources Bureau, Culture and Sports Bureau, Municipal Supervision Bureau and other sub-districts attended the meeting.At the meeting, Wang Qingke asked: 1 clearly understand the situation, resolutely overcome the paralysis of war weariness.All units should firmly shoulder the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, deeply understand the seriousness and importance of epidemic prevention, resolutely overcome paralysis, and implement the resumption of school with the strictest attitude, measures and standards.Attach great importance to building a solid campus security line.Longgang education big volume, heavy pressure, be sure to consider all possible problems, to put each prevention and control measures put in place, establish and improve the prevention and control of campus organization system, constantly improve the emergency response plan, complete with epidemic prevention materials, with good teachers and students staff “white list”, and strictly the school entrance, periodically for nucleic acid detection,Ensure responsibility to the post, measures in place, tasks to people, stick to the campus epidemic defense, protect the health and safety of teachers and students.Compacting responsibility and cooperating to ensure campus safety.Education departments, health departments, market supervision departments, Human Resources Bureau of Longgang District, Culture, Radio, Film, tourism and Sports Bureau of Longgang District and all streets should shoulder their responsibilities, perform their respective duties and cooperate to establish a joint prevention and control mechanism and spare no efforts to ensure that teachers and students can safely and smoothly return to school.Meeting emphasized led by epidemic prevention and control program campus education, WeiJian, CDC, municipal departments of joint inspection group longgang district bureau of education leadership led one by one for each school (kindergarten) examination and acceptance of epidemic prevention and control and back to school to prepare work at the same time, on April 4 in the afternoon, longgang district bureau of education organization students back to school work video conference,We will mobilize all students to return to school through the whole process and in an all-round way.The meeting made detailed deployment of the preparation work before returning to school, the organization work on the day of returning to school, and the normal management after returning to school, and focused on the interpretation of “white list” and express goods management.# 3 schools act quickly prepared to students back to school for 1 full to strengthen the health management of school teachers and students staff each school to strengthen comprehensive school health management, staff and students for two days before the school staff and students health declaration, and the staff and students live together back to school before three days inspection, full coverage, no omissions, all teachers and students staff health parameter is established.Education, health, disease control, fire control, public security, transportation, market supervision and other departments have established a joint prevention and control mechanism, and all schools have fully carried out students’ return to school drills, campus epidemic prevention and control emergency response drills, and campus environment and campus safety remediation activities.3► Various measures to help students to do a good job in returning to school psychological adaptation stratified communication between home and school, really understand the status of the class students;Good before returning to school parents meeting, strengthen the guidance of parents;Timely investigation of the psychological needs of students, students in need by the psychological teacher one-to-one counseling care;Before and after returning to school, students will be taught about the common problems through home-school communication by using class meetings, psychology classes and other main positions, so as to help students do a good job in the psychological adaptation of returning to school.4► Full investigation and seamless connection: full investigation and evaluation of students’ learning effect, scientific and reasonable teaching connection plan, follow the rules, step by step.Base on the whole and pay attention to the difference: Longgang Institute of Education and Science focuses on the whole teaching organization of the district, and on this basis, pays special attention to weak schools and weak subjects. Schools and classes base on the overall teaching order after returning to school, and on this basis, pay special attention to individual families and students with special difficulties.Family and school work together to overcome difficulties: In view of the psychological anxiety caused by the long-term epidemic prevention and control policy and the approaching examination, Longgang District Institute of Education and Science and school gave full play to the home-school co-education mechanism. On the one hand, INSTITUTE of Education and Science provided services to families in need through the psychological service system.On the other hand, the school strengthens the contact with parents, notifies the relevant arrangement in time, relieves the psychological pressure of parents and students.On April 6th, Longcheng Senior High School held a special class meeting to interpret the “Longcheng Senior High School teachers and students to go back to school guide”, to ensure the smooth operation of the new school.▲ Longgang High School affiliated to Central China Normal University has issued a homecoming guide for students in grade one and grade two.▲ On the morning of April 6, Shenzhen Jianwen Foreign Language School held a pre-school anti-epidemic safety drill to further rehearze all aspects of students’ return to school to ensure a safe, orderly and smooth opening of the school.▲ On April 5th, Chenghan School held a meeting to arrange the work of returning to school in detail.▲ Buji Middle School carries out back-to-school simulation exercise.▲ Pinghu Second Experimental School will clean and disinfect classrooms, offices and other key places and open Windows for ventilation.Students are ready to return to school. Longgang Campus is waiting for you!Original title: “Official announcement! Longgang District will return to school in batches from April 8!”