Four star role selection analysis of shengming activity of the original God Eight views, all the activities are open, and the congeted skin is collected

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Miha swim this wave can be said to be true conscience, not because of the free skin, on the shoestring, coagulation this skin is absolutely high level in quality and beauty, the game model is also very beautiful, the movement is very smooth, elegant and sexy, really can not say, Miha swim force!FeiCai engrave time activities play already all open, the material can be obtained, which the Wu Weichong styles, there are bell is just playing, chasing the line near the BOSS dozen (BOSS head near, become bright blue, to play to), if there is no clock, operation is to trouble, is actually hiding a BOSS give him, and water, when the two cannot output,The rest is the same.Finally, when the materials are finished and the task is finished, we can choose a Borage 4 star character for free.If you don’t know which one to choose, here to help you analyze.First of all, there is no, the most priority is that the line of autumn line of autumn, in the original god is currently irreplaceable, so these eight inside, is certainly the line of autumn is the most valuable.The rest is not necessarily a priority, it depends on what you lack in your current role.Of course, each will be analyzed here, convenient for everyone to choose, so as not to regret in a short time.Look at the recent pool, actually saw a bucket, which is the last version, xiang ling, cloud, pansy condensate light, heavy cloud, line in the autumn of beidou, smoke Fei, are just after carving, which is the next version should not is their a few, if afraid of wait longer, can choose what you need, if you don’t hurry, that is to choose your team now existing, increase life, enhance strength.Tell us one by one here.Xiangling will be sent because of the game, if you want to choose xiangling, you have to see whether it is stuck in four or six lives, if not, you can make up later.The Beidou side is not recommended to choose, it is not necessary, the Beidou matching team is relatively limited, and the present opportunity is really few.If you have both, key signs 2 and 6 will be more useful.Cloud violet actually 0 life is the auxiliary mechanism can pull full, the disadvantage is cloud violet can only assist general attack attack.If the team is still few roles, do not recommend to choose first, yun Jin follow-up role, set up in your team is more complete under the premise.Fumigata and Fumigata are actually 4 star C, the current version of the fumigata is 6 life is more critical, there is no need to waste this time on these two characters, of course, if there is no fumigata, for the new skin, that is also ok.If there is a heavy cloud, if there is no heavy cloud, you can consider changing it, but it is not recommended, the heavy cloud is distorted in other places, mainly now there is no need for heavy cloud, as for Xin Yan, just skip it and don’t even consider it.Summary: the free boronage 4 star role, pure novice, no line autumn, must take priority, if it is a map sign party, which is missing which change, and to coagate the skin, coagate the skin can also be changed, coagate the skin is really sweet, high quality thief, good-looking and pleasing to the eye.Xiang Ling, Beidou, Chong Yun, Yun Jin, Yan Fei look at your team configuration, Xin Yan, basically don’t think about it.Original god 4 star C smoke Fei training and direction, highlight weaknesses and parsing, the future may have a chance to the original god novice just have rain how fast to develop, maximize resources, the latest version 2.4 to rain after the original god ghost intelligence gathering, twill news, new environmental toxic smog, the grass is reaction independent original welfare for god code sharing, mihajlovic swim and show KouSou instinct?80 original stone waiting for you to take the original god activities flying color with time how to quickly get full rewards, hidden information task, my baby sister identity