Beijing: More than 50,000 people are expected to take part in urban operation and environmental protection during the Winter Olympics

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On February 5, 2022 Beijing Press Center held a special press conference on Beijing city service guarantee.Beijing, February 5 (Reporter Bao Congying) How to carry out high-level urban services under the condition of epidemic prevention and control?On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, the second day of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Beijing 2022 Press Center held a special press conference on Beijing city Service guarantee.Winter, deputy director of office of city operation and environmental protection group, Beijing urban management committee, deputy director of the metcalf jv, according to the city to run security headquarters and the deployment of the games organizing committee requirements, the full implementation of “simple, safe, wonderful” run competitions request, completed in completes the epidemic prevention and control under the condition of high level city run security work.”At present, all preparations have been completed and services have been provided. We are confident and capable of ensuring efficient and smooth operation of cities for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, which will provide strong support for hosting an excellent, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games.”Metcalf jv said.More than 50,000 people participated in the operation and environmental protection of the Winter Olympics to comprehensively ensure the safety of the city operation zhang Yan introduced, strengthen unified command and dispatch, always maintain the actual combat status.Under the leadership of the operation security of Beijing headquarters, led by the urban operation and environmental protection command and dispatch center, further improve the unified command, the organic link, running smooth, quick response, decisive disposal systems and mechanisms, to run on contact headquarters, Beijing games organizing committee, to coordinate the member unit, the municipal professional enterprise,At the same time, the horizontal establishment of hebei Province, Zhangjiakou city liaison mechanism.In order to ensure the efficient operation of command and dispatch work, on the one hand, it strengthened system construction, and on the other hand, it continued to carry out actual combat drills. It organized 11 emergency drills of all elements, and specialized municipal enterprises and relevant districts organized 539 special drills to check hidden dangers, plug loopholes and weak points, constantly check the running-in mechanism, and maintain the wartime status.It has laid a solid foundation for the efficient operation of race guarantee and emergency mechanism.At the same time, build the city “lifeline”, do a good winter Olympic venues strong backing.Focusing on the Olympic-related regions, we will coordinate the whole city’s regions and ensure urban operation.At the city level, the overall concept of guarantee issued by the games are the urban operation, from “point, line, face” is divided into core security areas, key protection area and general security area, respectively, set security goals, establish and improve the Olympic city operation system, to improve urban public facilities guarantee ability and service level, and as an opportunity to promote urban operation level significantly increased.It is expected that during the Winter Olympics, the city will guarantee 180,000 personnel in various fields of urban operation, and more than 50,000 people will participate in urban operation and environmental protection of the Winter Olympics, comprehensively ensuring the safety of urban operation.At the regional level, the construction of “one pavilion, two cases and three teams” has been completed.Professional support units for electricity, gas, heat, water supply and drainage, sanitation, communications, cable TV, special equipment and relevant local governments have respectively formulated support plans and emergency plans for Olympic venues such as competition venues, non-competition venues and training venues. 223 support teams have been formed.There are 2,582 supporting personnel and more than 1,700 supporting vehicles and related equipment.Further implement the “hand in hand” working mechanism between inside and outside the venue, achieve seamless connection between inside and outside the venue, and quickly handle emergencies.All personnel involved in emergency duty support, 100% vaccination, booster shots, nucleic acid testing every 48 hours, Zhang Yan, adhere to governance, beautification, upgrading, comprehensively improve the quality of the city.Around the competition venues, non-competition venues and important link, the building facade, landscaping, road pavement, barrier-free facilities and overhead lines in the aspects of environment to promote work, a total of 707000 square meters of building facade, hardening floor area of 1.19 million square meters, plant 4.05 million plants and shrubs, 187 kilometers overhead lines into the ground and comb,A number of beautiful winter Olympics blocks, parks and landscape avenues have been built to improve the environment around the people.The “100-day rectification” campaign for the Environmental order of the Winter Olympics was launched to strengthen the effective control of order problems such as indiscriminate parking of shared bikes, illegal parking of motor vehicles and street shopping. A total of 27,000 problems were solved to achieve a clean and orderly environment.In addition, strict epidemic prevention and control will be carried out to ensure smooth operation of the city.We will resolutely implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safety of urban operations and industries.All personnel participating in the emergency duty support have received 100% booster vaccination, and have completed the stationary assembly on January 15, receiving nucleic acid tests every 48 hours.At the same time, attention should be paid to the mental health and logistics services of the closed management personnel, so that the support personnel have no worries and the support team is full of combat effectiveness.According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the epidemic prevention and control plans and work procedures for urban operation and environmental protection should be updated and improved dynamically, so as to be well prepared for epidemic emergency response.The work flow, relevant measures and requirements of the closed-loop area of entering and leaving the venue, the key control of garbage transportation, snow clearing and ice shoveling, etc.The city landscape of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou highlights the integrity of the three competition areas. Zhang Yan introduced that Beijing has carefully created the urban landscape to create a strong atmosphere to welcome the Winter Olympics.Since January 2022, Beijing has carefully organized and carried out urban landscape layout, creating 3 landmark landscapes, 10 flower beds, 620 landscape sketches, 280,000 lanterns, 18,000 banners, more than 60,000 propaganda pictures and 28 light shows.At the same time, in back streets, commercial blocks and other layout of the Spring Festival landscape sketch, red flags, colorful flags, tree lights and so on.Urban landscape is deeply loved by citizens and highly recognized by all walks of life, becoming a new online celebrity “punch card place”.Metcalf jv, said the city landscape layout in strict accordance with the Beijing Olympics and the winter paralympic games overall planning of urban landscape “and” the Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympic games city landscape design of special requirements, strictly abide by the elements of the games use rules, landscape sketch, road lighting, facade decoration, flower bed landscape render a variety of tools such as the theme.Maintain the same urban landscape of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, highlighting the integrity of the three competition areas of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.At the same time, focus on integration.In the landscape layout, the harmonious integration and orderly connection between the Winter Olympics landscape and the Spring Festival landscape will be coordinated, and the winter Olympics, Spring Festival and folk elements will be integrated to jointly create an atmosphere of “joy and harmony, and celebration of the Winter Olympics”.”The Winter Olympics have opened and Beijing has become the world’s first ‘Double Olympic City’ to host both summer and Winter Olympic Games.”Under the strong leadership of the operation command and the Organizing committee, we will perform our responsibilities as a host city in the best possible condition and strive to achieve the ultimate goal of a successful Olympic Games, ensuring the safe, stable and efficient operation of the city during the Games.”Metcalf jv said.