When you conquer a woman, you will find that she has these weaknesses!

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Everyone has their own “weaknesses” in a relationship, but basically everyone likes to hide them.Because once discovered by others, it will be very easy to fall into a passive state, and may bring irreparable harm to themselves.You have to understand that the power of love is enough to make people lose everything, so from the very beginning, people are more willing to hide their “weaknesses”, they will not be easily discovered, and they will not easily fall in love.It’s usually women who take this to the extreme, because they’re so easily drawn to relationships that they work extra hard to hide their weaknesses.Of course, nothing in this world is absolute.If you have conquered a woman, her attempts to hide her “weakness” may seem superfluous.And what weakness would she reveal if you conquered her?One, more and more gentle to you a lot of men have experienced women’s unruly and capricious.But in fact, a woman who has been conquered by you, will become endless tenderness and consideration for you.Their unruly and capricious behavior at the beginning is just an external expression of self-protection, as well as a temptation and longing for love.When a woman is deeply in love with you, her past unruly and capricious will slowly disappear, replaced by endless tenderness, and it is also a recognition of you as a person.Once she is gentle with you, it means that she has been conquered by you, and naturally there is no need to act as a protective shell.2. Becoming more and more Dependent on You Women suddenly become very clingy when they fall in love.I believe everyone who has been in love knows that at the beginning of contact, she may be very cold to you, there is a sense of rejection.But when you really conquer this woman, this cold feeling for you will disappear in an instant, but will become very clingy, want to be with you 24 hours a day.Girls don’t let themselves get so clingy unless they meet someone they really want.Because of the fear of losing you, so I care so much, want to always stay by your side, accompany you to do anything.A woman’s love is generally very selfish, but just because of this selfishness, you can see how much this woman loves you.Once she’s conquered, she wants to own you completely.Women usually do not easily show their thoughts in the heart, if you do not love each other, no matter what you do she will not care, also can not attract her attention, because you two feelings have not risen to a certain stage, so she will not easily because of your actions and jealous.But when this woman falls in love with you, she will become particularly sensitive, any move you can affect her mood.If I see you approach another woman, I will be very jealous and even very angry.In fact, sensitivity and jealousy is also a weakness of women, if she is not conquered before the exposure of words, it is easy to be taken advantage of and hurt them.But when she’s conquered, she won’t worry about that.Women are good at disguising their inner feelings and not letting them show off easily.Especially for those who have not conquered her, but when they face their loved ones, they usually behave differently.The reason a woman shows her weakness is because she wants you to feel her love for you, she wants you to feel her security, she wants you to be someone she can trust for life.When you meet a woman who is clingy, jealous, sensitive, or gentle with you, don’t think of her as “cheap.” On the contrary, it just means she really loves you.Give Her a thumbs up and a follow if you think that makes sense. And if you see any other weaknesses in women, you can discuss them in the comments section