On the third day of the first month, the so-called “sincere its will”, do not deceive yourself.Lottery closed for the sixth day for good luck

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The so-called “sincere its intention”, do not deceive yourself.This means: to make your thoughts true is not to deceive yourself.From “The Book of Rites and Shen Du” original text: the so-called sincerity of their intentions, do not deceive themselves.Such as evil stench, such as good color, this is called modesty.So the gentleman must be careful of its own.It is not good for little people to be idle, and then hate to see a gentleman.英 文 : To be honest with your thoughts is not to deceive yourself.It’s like hating a bad smell, it’s like loving a beautiful face.That’s how you can say you’re at peace.So people with high moral culture must be careful when they are alone, and people without moral culture will do anything bad when they are alone.Today is February 3rd, the third day of the first lunar month, Thursday.According to our local customs, “worship ancestors”.Custom is a kind of culture, is a kind of rules, can not be confused with “superstition”.The so-called “sincere its intention”, do not deceive yourself.In this world, we cannot say that the invisible things do not exist, and the visible things do not necessarily exist.If you believe it, you have it; if you don’t, you don’t.We have a saying here that the first two days of the first lunar month is a festival for the living, and the third day of the first lunar month is a festival for the “absent” people. We worship our ancestors and bless us with peace, health, success and good luck in the New Year.A person’s fate, and “feng shui” is a certain relationship.Some might say superstition.There is another way of saying “feng shui”, “Kanyu shu”, which is culture, is a mysterious law of the change of all things in the world, non-professional researchers can not understand.For good luck, look at feng shui.Of course, xiaobian is not understand, but have to believe.Lottery closed this is the sixth day, a total of ten days, “sad day, easy year”.A few days passed quickly.I sincerely wish my friends a happy New Year and a prosperous year of the Tiger.In this day of praying for good luck, xiaobian to share their own good luck choices, good luck and success.Big luck in the Year of the Tiger!The article first hundred number, by “caijing heart said”, original editor, do not reprint without permission.