New Hangzhou people: I am in this video, staying up late with my friends and relatives in my hometown

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This is the third Spring Festival since the outbreak.Now, nucleic acid seems to have become the new custom.Near the end of the year, people are queuing up to do nucleic acid around the long queue, wrapped in countless wanderers eager to return home.We used to think of ordinary happiness, such as going home as scheduled, eating dumplings made by mom, and sitting together with relatives and friends whom we haven’t seen for a long time…Become a luxury and desirable thing.Some young people working in Hangzhou voluntarily returned their tickets and air tickets to their hometowns, and some were forced to stay in other places on their way home.When they stopped far away from home and their loved ones, worried, anxious, helpless, and experienced twists and turns due to the uncertain epidemic prevention policy, the Smell of New Year hidden in DNA and the Internet connection, also collision a special New Year spark.As the Spring Festival holiday draws to a close, let’s tell some different stories about it.In rainy Hangzhou, I saw the starry sky in my hometown.This is my second time to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival.Last year, in order to comply with the epidemic prevention policy, I chose to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival.This year, I really want to go home and bought the train ticket back to Shandong on January 30 in advance.But the epidemic is back.My parents, always cautious, immediately advised me to stay in Hangzhou for the New Year.They say safety is more important than this moment of reunion.I also didn’t want to bring trouble to my family. Besides, I had my younger brother to accompany my parents during the Spring Festival, so I returned my ticket home.My leaders, colleagues and friends all invited me to celebrate the Spring Festival together.I ended up going to a colleague’s house and spending New Year’s Eve with her and her brother.She is from Henan, we cooked a table of Shandong and Henan fusion food, while eating, while watching the Spring Festival Gala.She also shared with me a lot of goods sent by her family, including pastries, beef, spicy soup and sweets.New Year’s Eve dinner with a fusion of Shandong and Henan cuisines.Hand-made pasta cakes are also a traditional Chinese New Year custom in my hometown. Although the two places do different things, I felt particularly close to seeing them at that moment.That night, I ate three bean buns. The taste of the north made me happy and satisfied, and soothed my homesickness.In my impression, the Spring Festival has a series of rules not to be bad, starting from the day of the little New Year, every day has a specific custom.For example, the New Year’s Eve to stay up, dumplings out of the pot at 12 o ‘clock on time, and then eat the fourth meal of the day, is a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner, full of sense of ceremony.At 9 PM, after leaving my colleague’s house, I went back to my apartment to watch the New Year’s eve with my family on video.In the video, my parents were busy making dumplings, and my brother and I watched the Spring Festival Gala together, collecting blessings and grabbing red envelopes.That night, MY wechat messages kept reminding me.My cousin was afraid that I was homesick, so she took a picture of the starry sky in my hometown for me.It was a clear, cloudless day, and the stars shone brightly across the night sky, forming a hunter with a shield and a weapon.Then, on a rainy day in Hangzhou, I caught sight of Orion, 800 kilometers away, shining in the sky.Now, my room is still full of all kinds of Spring Festival goods.In addition to what my colleagues shared, my family sent me Shandong sausages, roast chicken and pig ears, my neighbors sent me vegetables and cakes, and my friends sent me shandong specialties.Although I did not return home as I wished, the smell of New Year was still in the house.Wooden New Year goods.Wooden New Year goods.The direct impact of this Spring Festival on me is that I don’t want to play escape rooms any more.From January 28 to February 3, I was in Beijing to experience the “Chamber of Secrets” in depth, but I couldn’t escape in the way I wanted.I’m from Liaoning.On January 25th, I left Hangzhou for my hometown. I planned to stay in Beijing for two days and meet friends before returning to Liaoning.The next day, the outbreak of the epidemic in Hangzhou forced me to stay in this place far away from home. I even lost my freedom for a time and lived a life of concentrated isolation for seven days.Last October, I just came to Hangzhou from Shanghai to start my own business and do anchor training. My activities are concentrated in the riverside area.In the middle of the night of January 28, despite holding the green code, I was suddenly notified that I needed to be quarantined.As the van drove 40 minutes to the border between Tongzhou in Beijing and Yanjiao in Hebei province, I sat in the car with my luggage, my mind blank and overwhelmed by an overwhelming sense of loss of control.After a sleepless night, I made frantic phone calls to find out why I had been quarantined, but received no clear feedback.It wasn’t until the next day that I began to accept that I would be spending Chinese New Year in an isolated hotel.The seven days were regular and tedious.Three times a day, punctually, the door knocked, and the meal came with it.With nothing to do every day except for nucleic acid tests, I tried to shoot short videos and broadcast live, filling my windowsill with rice grains, peeled melon seeds and crushed cakes, and waiting for the birds to interact with me.By the fifth day, I was talking talk shows into the refrigerator, talking about the lessons and asking questions with my bedside table.Fortunately, I gained a friend.He is the caretaker of the building, and every day, he wears a protective suit to deliver food, express delivery or collect garbage.Since I shared my experience of centralized isolation on Wechat, I have been inundated with deliveries from friends, including clean hot water kettles, disposable sheets, fruits, snacks, cakes, milk, instant noodles, tea and even books.I share with the administrator all kinds of snacks they received, one by one, we are more and more familiar.Xiaoxiao is a snack thrown by a friend.On New Year’s Eve, the caretaker brought me a New Year gift — a tiger doll and a bag of nuts. I also received dumplings made by my friend.Tuna, ham sausage, chicken wings, chicken feet, cherries, strawberries…The table was covered with colorful extras.New Year’s Eve dinner, I eat sad and happy.Friends care and thinking, let me ranked the top of the whole building food quality list.”Will anyone deliver dumplings late at night?”At midnight, my father sent a text message to ask me.To make them feel at ease, I video-taped with my family. On the other side, my mother was crying while talking.Xiao Xiao’s New Year’s Eve dinner.The epidemic has been three years, but the road home, why more and more difficult.The first thing I did when I was released from quarantine on February 3 was head straight to the hotel gym to resume the weight loss that had been interrupted by quarantine.It is not a few days before I return to work, and I am going to return to Hangzhou directly from Beijing. It seems that the Spring Festival has never happened.Although I didn’t go back home as scheduled, my Spring Festival in Hangzhou was more lively than I expected.At noon on New Year’s Eve, I was invited by my colleagues to visit his home.He and his girlfriend are from Harbin. Because of the epidemic, they decided to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot and invited all colleagues who will stay in Hangzhou to have dinner at home.Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Henan…We seven people from all over the world gather together, warm each other, share local specialties, is strange and snuggle special flavor.In the afternoon, I went back to my dormitory and prepared the New Year’s Eve dinner with my two roommates.Before, at home, we did not really participate in the whole process of the New Year’s Eve dinner, the three of us at a loss, on the spot and mothers video teaching.I cut vegetables, mixed stuffing, made dumplings and fried vegetables. I was busy from 4 PM to 8 PM before I had dinner.The New Year’s Eve dinner is a fusion of flavors from the south and the North.It was a New Year’s Eve dinner of a different kind.Even if they are dumplings stuffed with cabbage and pork, but because of the different ways of making dumplings in our hometown, we eat a fusion of taste;There were only five courses of our own food, but the labor union leader of the company took the initiative to send us two courses. The cooked crab and stewed mutton filled the insulated box, which suddenly became abundant.We eat, while watching the Spring Festival Gala shousui, 0, together with fireworks to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, wishing an early end to the epidemic, and family reunion as soon as possible.Although the epidemic has not stopped, our wishes have been heard.On January 27, when I cancelled the air ticket to return to Liaoning that night, I had no choice but to think that I could only spend this long holiday in Hangzhou.But later, The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism of the comprehensive group reiterated that returning home for the Spring Festival epidemic prevention ban layer upon layer, liaoning province’s epidemic prevention policy has changed.On February 1, my hometown, where I had been quarantined, changed its attitude.The next day, on the sixth day of my holiday, I finally took the plane back to Liaoning.In the afternoon, the plane was descending slowly. When I looked over my hometown from the sky, a warm current welled up in my heart.The winter sun shone softly, and the reef, the ships docked, and the row upon row of tall buildings all glowed in the embrace of the ocean.I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible, every city will be safe and sound, and we can all cross the mountains and seas to hold the people we love at any time.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.