Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy officially announced their divorce. It makes no sense that love always begins beautifully and ends

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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy announced today that they have divorced on their own self-media accounts.The divorce statement was very simple: Be grateful for all the past, the future is still family!According to her management team, the two have filed for an agreed divorce and are raising their children jointly.This is the end of an enviable love story.As soon as the news was published, it continued to rise in popularity, making headlines in all the entertainment sections and making the list of hot searches.People are most curious about why the star couple, who had a successful career, suddenly divorced without warning.Many netizens have been asking the reason in the comment section, so far no reply.It is reported that Angelababy and Ge You are the spokesmen for the Spring Festival Gala of Beijing SATELLITE TV, and Huang Xiaoming is also involved in the shooting of a short film promoting the Winter Olympics.Many netizens speculated that the two did not want to reveal the reason for divorce, I am afraid it is to affect their current work and image.If there is any negative information, their careers may suffer, after all, there are many typical cases of celebrity couples fighting after divorce, leading to the collapse of family and business.From acquaintance to love, they have been envied by friends and fans in the circle.Huang xiaoming has courted Angelababy by buying her luxury cars, luxury homes and even a huge diamond ring that other female stars would leave unmatched.Two people’s love envy others, after marriage also had a love crystallization, a family deeply in love, career is also thriving.There is a very good lyric, love always begins beautifully, ends without reason, it is a pity to think.The reason for divorce, only the parties know, outsiders are difficult to guess and figure out, love melon net friends do not worry, their well-being is not a bad ending, but the beginning of a new life.Do you feel the same way in front of the screen?Let me know in the comments section.