670,000 yuan!Xindu Court focused on the payment of wages for 66 sanitation workers

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Recently, the Xindu Court held an on-site meeting to collect the payment of the execution case for 66 sanitation workers, giving them the “hard-earned money” that they have been owed for a long time.In order to express their gratitude, the sanitation workers sent two banners to the Xindu Court, on which they read: “Demanding pay, safeguarding rights, holding justice, for the people to see the truth”, “holding the sword of execution, handling the case imhonestly and efficiently”.Sanitation workers to send the flag, from the Xindu court accepted a number of sanitation workers to apply for the implementation of a chengdu sanitation service company labor dispute case, according to the effective legal documents, confirmed that the company paid 66 sanitation workers more than 670,000 yuan.After the case was accepted, the Xindu Court promptly made arrangements to appease the sanitation workers, do a good job in interpreting the law and stabilizing the ideology, and urge the judges in charge to investigate and control the property available for execution of the persons subject to execution as soon as possible.During this period, to help sanitation workers emergency turnover, xindu a bureau advance to pay 66 sanitation workers more than 330,000 yuan.In the process of execution, the judge in charge inquired from the system and found that the person subjected to execution was heavily in debt and his property was sealed and frozen by many courts.After traditional investigation, the person subjected to execution was suspended, and the case fell into a deadlock.But the judge did not give up, through multiple understanding, that the execution of the third party in Chengdu a company to enjoy the expiration of the performance bond, although there is no clear evidence of the clues, the judge still decided to verify.After repeated communication and coordination with the person in charge of the company and notification of the situation of all parties involved in the case, the third party finally recognized that the person subject to execution was entitled to the creditor’s right of the due performance bond in his place, and the handling judge immediately issued a notice of performance of the debt due.Through various efforts, more than 670,000 yuan of execution money was finally received, and the Xindu Court immediately paid the case, handing over the “hard-earned money” to the sanitation workers.Please follow the following ways to view more information about Xindu: 1. Please follow the wechat official account “This is Xindu” 2. Please download the APP “Xiangjian” from “Vivo” or “Application Bao” source: Xindu Rong Media Reporter: Lei Tao Editor: Luo LAN Review: Li Jinhuang Yang Min Zhang LAN