Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won!After the match, he was challenged by Russian reporters and responded with 3 words

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Figure skating pairs at the end of the last night of the free competition, the finale debut of China SuiWenJing and Han Cong also took out their own unique action, although SuiWenJing is defective, but this does not affect their overall play, in the end the slip they also get a game-high 155.47 points higher, and the short program score,In the end, the pair scored the highest score of 239.88 points to win the precious gold medal, which is their first Olympic gold medal in 15 years.This gold medal is really too not easy, after they are two people suffered injuries, but in the end, they are all overcome the difficulties, once again return to the top of the world, and in the four years ago, SuiWenJing and Han Cong in pyeongchang winter games, lost to Germany in 0.43 the disadvantage of combination, and this time they finally is to complete the self salvation,Facing Russia 3 pair of attack, they give priority to with me, took out the front of the highest difficulty, finally also conquered the referee, won the gold medal in their waiting for 15 years, this is also the Chinese pairs harvest skating gold medal again after 12 years later, the last vancouver win their coach shen xue and zhao hongbo.The gold medal was also worth a lot of gold. Russia’s three pairs were all playing well before the spring barrel combination, but the home spring barrel was the better.However, after Sui wenjing and Han Cong won the gold medal, they were also challenged by a Russian reporter in the press conference after the match. He directly said: “You came back to win the gold medal, did the final score have the advantage of the host country?”Han Cong paused and said that your question was very direct.Han cong later said, “We are a project of scoring, but also a project of showing ourselves.In today’s competition, we made four weeks of difficulty, the most difficult of all competitors, I trust the judges’ score.””If we have to question the scores of the judges in every competition, then did we also receive the correct scores in the Pyeongchang Olympics four years ago?Are you going to question the referee’s score?”This wave of counterattack is really too arrogant!But that wasn’t all, he added: “Height, distance, quality and so on all contribute to a match, so I think the result was fair and square.It’s normal to question the scoring, but we trust the fairness of the judges.”This answer is really a little trouble, 3 sentences progressive layer upon layer, let reporters have nothing to say.Hearing Han Cong’s answer, the reporters at the scene also gave him applause. Han Cong was impeccable on and off the field!