Outstanding students back to their Alma mater to share the experience of reviewing the college entrance examination, younger students benefit a lot: this study college entrance examination play

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Introduction to this ArticleBaoZhiMing of winter vacation, now the department of physics, tsinghua university, students at the invitation of his Alma mater for the university to the university entrance exam in 2022 test of high three students to do a report on learning experience, even if it is just a “video conference”, however, the students are feeling the BaoZhiMing students report, full of passion, and the students by infection is strong,Review for the next 4 months will have a positive impact.Bao Zhiming, a senior three student, mainly said that a good overall plan should be made and modified in time according to the progress. More importantly, a firm determination and strong execution force should be made to fulfill the plan, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, a goal was set at the beginning.At the beginning, I set the goal of Hunan University, but as my grades got better and better, my “ambition” became bigger and bigger, and my goal was constantly revised. In my second year in senior high school, I finally set the goal of Tsinghua University.Second, have a goal, but also make a long, medium and short-term plan.Plan must be done according to one’s ability, first of all, a detailed assessment of their own learning basis and executive ability, but also closely combined with the teacher’s teaching progress, and fully consider the level of teachers, the competitiveness of students and other objective conditions of the school teaching environment.Long term plan refers to the three years of high school, the purpose of which is to determine the overall direction, and each semester has a general goal to achieve, but not too detailed.A mid-term plan is usually a semester study plan that identifies a big goal for each subject, but does not have to be too specific.Short-term plans include monthly and weekly plans. These two plans must be more detailed, and each subject goal, schedule and study should be considered together.In addition, the short-term plan also allows about 10% of the time to maneuver to deal with all kinds of unexpected events that may occur.Three, in addition to the above study plan, each season should make a daily schedule according to the arrangement of the school.When scheduling your sleep schedule, be sure to leave enough time for exercise and socializing.We all know the importance of exercise, but why set aside time for socializing?Because our brain all day in heavy load operation, if not timely adjustment lubrication, will produce strain, so that the future learning efficiency is greatly reduced, so we must do some similar brain exercise activities.Socializing with people, especially small talk, is a great brain exercise.So in addition to setting aside an hour a day for exercise, setting aside about an hour or two a day for social interaction is very effective.4. Once a plan is made, it must be carried out steadfastly, and no matter what happens, it must be completed on time and step by step.It’s not easy to do that.Because it requires us to have the following qualities: the first is to be confident, believe in themselves – can achieve the set goals.Of course, this goal should be set according to one’s ability.Don’t be blindly confident and overambitious, it will make us suffer.Secondly, we should be optimistic. We should believe that no matter what kind of difficulties we encounter, whether in life or in study, there will be a solution.Frowning and griping won’t help, and the best solution can be achieved by actively trying to figure it out.And keep an optimistic attitude, can greatly improve the efficiency of learning.Five to have a strong desire to win.We must strive to Tobethe winner in everything that we deem important.Only with indomitable winning mentality, we can be enough to face any challenge with the most positive attitude, to conquer all difficulties, to obtain the final victory in the college entrance examination.Six, self-control.In high school, have fun when you have fun.Should not play when want to stand lonely, do not get dazzled by a few flowers and plants miscellaneous miscellaneous things.7. Perseverance.If you start something, you must stick to it, no matter what the difficulties.Last but not least, a plan is only a study arrangement based on a prediction of the future.Since it is a prediction, there will naturally be places that do not conform to the future reality, and there will be other imperfect places, so we must make appropriate adjustments in time according to the learning progress and learning effect, teachers and school arrangements.Recalling those three years, IT is really in the plan, implementation, adjustment, continue to implement until the completion of the plan of continuous progress and improvement, finally realized their dream.Of course, it is not enough to rely on plans alone, but also to implement different learning methods for different subjects.Let’s start with English.Of the six subjects in mathematics, English is the one I regret the most, but I am the most proud of.English until the final exam of the second semester of senior one, still only about 20 points.In a short period of two years, my results improved by leaps and bounds, to the college entrance examination has been the first in the school.This made many students puzzled and interested in my method of learning English.In fact, the way I learn English is very simple, is to recite the text.At the beginning of the foundation is very poor, there is no way to start from the middle school text back, the middle school text every day a lesson, high school text every two days a lesson, thunder beat motionless, until the end of the back from grade one to grade two all the text ended.Memorizing texts can not only develop our sense of language, but also create a vivid and interesting language environment artificially.Words and phrases are alive only in the context of the sentence, to reveal their meaning, color and style.Memorized a large number of texts, learned words and sentence patterns to live.When we read, we can read the first half of the sentence and anticipate the second half of the sentence in our brain, and read the first sentence and anticipate the next sentence. We no longer need to translate the word into Chinese before thinking about its meaning, which can greatly improve the reading speed.By memorizing a large number of articles, when we want to speak, various expressions can come to our lips more quickly without searching for words.Even when we are doing wrong questions, we can use intuition rather than grammar to find the right target.After reciting the text, the exam will be a piece of cake.Chinese learning is actually a “tough” word, the so-called perseverance, accumulate over a long period of time, natural dripping water wears through a stone.The easiest way to do this is to follow the teacher and do a lot of reading.Such as some Chinese and foreign classics, literary magazines and so on.But time is limited, one is to give priority to textbooks and teaching auxiliary books, the other is to pay attention to the principle of avoiding lack of discipline.Math learning is actually very simple, is diligent in practice, do more classic topics.No matter how talented you are, you will be caught off guard or even at your wit’s end when you encounter unfamiliar or unfamiliar topics in the college entrance examination.Doing a large number of math problems not only allows us to touch as many types of problems as possible, but also helps us to develop good ideas for solving problems.One thing to be careful of, however, is to do no or very few digs, unless you want to compete in the Olympics.What physics study pays attention to is to build a complete system, and with enough exercises, learn to use flexibly enough.Well, said so many methods, said so many theories, in fact, I think the most important is not what theory and method.The most important thing is actually only two points: one is to learn, and learn right now is the best way to save time.It is better to retreat and weave a net than to sit and talk.The second is to insist on insist on, every day to make new progress in the end to achieve the goal.”Not afraid of slow, but afraid to stand” this is my teacher gave me let me benefit from a lifetime of words, here with everyone.I wish all students attending the 2022 College Entrance Examination a successful start, a quick success, a decisive examination room, and a golden ticket!