True Blood scale, American horror story scary, this show has enough flavor

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After reading countless movies, Plankton missed out on this “amazing show”. When some people said that it was a combination of True Blood and American horror Story, they went to check it out. It was really good, including true Blood’s scale, American horror story’s scary, magic and suspense.The drama aired for three seasons, and while it doesn’t get a high rating on Douban, to be honest, there are plenty of highlights in the show.Hemlock Grove a television play, a better title, that’s a very important thing.Sometimes, because the name is not easy to remember, or not meaningful, or difficult to understand, it can cause the audience to want to watch it less, and this is the case.So I haven’t seen it before, probably related to this question, but a good meal is never too late, let’s have a good talk about this drama.The series is based on Brian McGreevy’s horror novels of the same name and tells a very mysterious and bizarre story.In a steel town in the American state of Pennsylvania, a murder took place.A young girl was murdered, her body abandoned near the gold Frey clan’s steel mills, the police investigating dumped this case, but it can’t solve, since can’t solve, that at the very least suspected object, so the police will be their aim at 17 years old of gypsy boy Peter luhrmann chuck.In addition, The Godfrey family Olivia Godfrey son Roman Godfrey also became a suspect, both were targeted by the police, but the murderer is someone else.Two people to wash clear suspicion, give oneself innocent, Peter and Roman decide oneself go investigating, but as the in-depth investigation of two people, they discover the thing is not as what oneself imagine however in that way, there are a lot of super division they imagine inside, surprised, mysterious thing……What kind of secret is hidden in this ordinary steel town, which requires the audience to follow the plot of the series to explore together.The score of this drama is not high, because the public praise is very polarized, people like it very much, because they can follow the ups and downs of the plot and enjoy the pleasure of solving puzzles together.However, the friends who don’t like it almost abandon the drama after watching a few episodes, for no other reason, because the elements are too rich, not only to all kinds of fantasy and horror elements, such as dragons, vampires, werewolves, asylum, Frankenstein…Everything.As a result, some people say that it has become a hodgepodge of works, so they sneer at it, saying that he copied a little here and took some there.What’s wrong with a hodgepodge?Watching one show is worth watching several, isn’t it?But in fact, in addition to using a lot of magic elements to attract the audience, the case and suspense are very good, if you go through the first few episodes, you will follow the main characters to solve the riddle, that process is very enjoyable.It was a step ahead of the current generation of politically correct American shows that forced the inclusion of homosexuals and blacks, because it already had all of these things.But that’s not the first thing the show did. After all, American TV loves that.Another reason to recommend this show is that the endings of each season are always unpredictable, which is the inevitable result of good suspense.When you see the ending, it is a little unexpected, but it is reasonable. In fact, when the plot progresses, the clues have been told to you early in the morning, but you do not care too much about it.The show is even more profound to speak a truth, that is, when we all suspect monsters, hate to fear them, but did not think about what causes the monster.Selling corruption and blood…There’s no need to talk more about it. It’s the kind of stuff that American TV shows often use. So, if that’s all you like, that’s fine.Don’t let the title and ratings put you off, this is definitely an underrated show. It’s not awesome, but it’s fun.Original article from Gangster sanshu film, welcome to pay attention to!