Today is New Year’s Eve, where do shenzhen people go for leisure?Shenzhen Festival Avenue is the first choice

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“People come to the city to live and stay in the city to live better.”Aristotle, more than 2,000 years ago, described the relationship between cities and life in his book Politics.More than 2,000 years later, the city of Shenzhen also put forward the slogan “Come, shenzhen people”.Shenzhen, which grew up as a small fishing village, began as a blank sheet of paper.Coincidentally, most of the people who stay in Shenzhen are also young people.The slogan “Come, shenzhen people” is Shenzhen’s response to its young people.Another shenzhen slogan is even more catchy: “Time is money, efficiency is life,” which embodies the innovative spirit of shenzhen people.It is this spirit that has transformed Shenzhen from a humble fishing village into an international metropolis.As the end of the year draws near, many young workers leave Shenzhen to return to their hometowns, but many stay for the warmth and comfort of the city in winter.There is no winter in Shenzhen itself.The natural environment makes the city perfect for taking cityscapes, and the degree of transparency makes Shenzhen one of the best cities in China for taking photos of Internet celebrities.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, more and more young people choose to stay in Shenzhen, so where will they go?The answer is simple: Shenzhen Festival Avenue.There are many landmarks in Shenzhen, such as Diwang Building, which represents “Shenzhen speed”, Seg Building, which represents the rapid development of Shenzhen electronic market, civic Center, which represents shenzhen’s ambition of “90 thousand miles of Dapeng in a day”, and Festival Avenue, which is the softest side in shenzhen people’s heart.It is in the downtown, shenzhen people heart steaming human fireworks.In winter warm wind, on the eve of the lunar New Year, about three to five friends, go to the a trip to the holiday avenue, go eat and chew, pandering to beat recovery being chased by, we hug each other, strove to wandering adrift in the outside, came out from the loneliness of relief, let a person feel the warmth of festival in the solitude of daily.The flowers of life, always fall on everyone’s head.There’s retro disco and street rap, intense or melancholic, melodious music that soothes the soul after a year of wandering.If it happens, you can dance with a DJ and take off your mask and be yourself again in a sweaty dance.Beijing’s 798 district is said to be the heaven of street graffiti, but the artists on Shenzhen’s Festival Avenue are not far behind, so many colorful graffiti, which one should stand under?Of course, as the municipality directly under the central Government adjacent to Guangdong, during the Chinese New Year, Shenzhen will inevitably show the most traditional lion dance in the South. The image of the lion is lovely and ambitious, accompanied by gongs and drums, stepping on a little, and constantly in front of the audience to do licking, scratching, rolling, stretching, pulling ears and other actions.At this time, I should take out my mobile phone and send it to my circle of friends. I can’t get ninety-nine likes.Leaving the lion dance behind, further down the road, there are various food markets, which are calorie recharge points, and all kinds of snacks from south and north gather together.In addition to eating and drinking, the essential custom of the Spring Festival is to visit the flower market, after all, “no walk through the flower street, are not called the Spring Festival”.The flower of festival avenue is compared with the place beside, always a few more flowery all the more, stylist people combine all kinds of flower material meticulously into different modelling.Nearby forest of tall buildings, as well as in front of the blooming flowers, noisy take quiet, constitute a long and tranquil urban scene.Squatting, standing, taking photos with family, holding up the phone to take a selfie……Walking in the sea of flowers, with a pat, is wonderful scenery.Ramble ramble, imperceptibly harvest full, each hand hold shoulder fragrant, is the New Year new life look forward to.A lot of people say that in a big city everyone is small and there is no end to all the skyscrapers except the end.But the city of Shenzhen is not so cold as hearsay, it is humane, otherwise it would not have built a festival avenue for all “Shenzhen people” in the heart of the city, save a lonely soul.Come to the festival avenue, where the warm wind blows, flowers often bloom here, art and scenery, everything is very romantic, transportation is convenient enough.Under the fast pace of life, this festival avenue is a kind of pure land.The New Year may not have any special meaning for festival Avenue itself, but in any case, festival Avenue will keep pace with the rotation of the world, and will not miss any customs clearance ceremony with shenzhen people.# Shenzhen Festival Avenue #