Jetway X70 PLUS Zhuge edition to help you achieve domineer life

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As the “intellectual responsibility” of the four great works, Zhuge Kongming’s “fans” can be said to span three generations, with many fans.Loyalty is the life of Zhuge Liang’s life standards, he said in the article “Soldiers to”, “people’s loyalty is also, like fish have deep, fish without water will die, people lose loyalty will be fierce”, the loyalty and courage of all his efforts to die has been handed down through the ages;For thousands of years, Zhuge Liang’s wisdom of strategizing, winning over thousands of miles and being loyal and faithful has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people, which is the responsibility of the wisdom and loyalty of the Chinese nation.Recently, Chery rui jie way also fully gives the message of new model jie way X70 PLUS zhuge version, super strong IP and national car photograph are united in union, nature does not have edge.The unique geographical environment of beautiful mountains and clear waters has profoundly influenced the style of ancient architecture in Huizhou, reflecting the cultural concept of the unity of nature and man. As qingyuan people said: crazy place in life, no dream of Huizhou.The design elements of Hui-style architecture also include traditional Chinese classics, such as capturing Mencius for seven times, visiting the thatched cottage for three times, and taking advantage of the east wind to reproduce the primitive and elegant humanistic feelings.For zhuge liang to this character, every generation has a different memory, after 80 to 94 towers to play the piano a cover version of The Three Kingdoms, zhuge liang tang guoqiang version of fresh, empty out the enemy sima yi after 90 May prefer the mainland version of zhuge liang, after all descriptions of zhuge liang in the “reflection” is “eight feet in length and was wei”,The post-00s’ perception of Zhuge Liang comes more from King of Glory.And now, the car circle will also usher in a “zhuge”.Named Zhuge, the jetto X70 PLUS is a fusion of Hyundai motor and its long history.According to relevant information, Jieway X70 PLUS Zhuge version of the appearance design also continues the overall Style of Anhui, but the gorgeous degree of a floor, the ultimate use of LED lights, so that the vehicle times more brilliant.In intelligence, security and other aspects, jie way X70PLUS Zhuge version also do not lose.And Zhuge Kongming, “Zhuge version” is by no means an illusion, Jieway X70 PLUS Zhuge version of the first Qualcomm third generation of snapdragon super “core” gives it more extension possibility, wisdom entertainment, understanding;Configuration 10.25 -inch LCD intelligent double screen machine (car) + huawei HiCar (mobile), to have a combination of on-board WeChat, tencent jingle voice, music, tencent QQ small programs, and other functions, reveal “wisdom” is the instinctive quality, digital intelligent ecological cockpit, have lifted the overall driving experience, the liberation of mobile phone, let you go with your heart and multiple intelligent humanized design collocation,Let you have a good face inside the wisdom.The whole system is equipped with 1.6TGDI+7DCT gold power combination, 75% high-strength steel cage body, 36.5 meters excellent 100-kilometer braking, CN95 level fresh air system, 118 kinds of healthy and environmental protection interior materials, loyal guard your every trip.The event will run from February 14, 2022 to February 17, 2022