Gu Ailing, silver medal

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Gu’s freestyle ski slopestyle final was delayed a day because of weather, but that could not stop her excellent form.The women’s freestyle skiing slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games concluded Thursday morning.Gu Ailing of China won the silver medal with 86.23 points in the third round.Gu has already won one gold and one silver medal at the Olympics.In fact, before the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing has repeatedly shown excellent form.The International Snow Federation even posted: “Gu Has done nothing but win this season!”There is no exaggeration in this.Gu Ailing has made history by completing the world’s first women’s two-week somerset of 1440 degrees at the Stimbote station of the World Cup freestyle skiing big jump.In her first world Championships, Gu earned 2 gold MEDALS and 1 bronze MEDALS in women’s halfpipe, slopestyle and big jump.After mammoth Mountain, Gu has won all halfpipe World Cup freestyle events this season.Even though Gu has shown her top competitiveness, she was still a surprise when she won the women’s freestyle platform final a few days ago.Because, Gu Ailing always exceeds people’s expectation.Gu Ailing was interviewed after the match.China News Service reporter MAO Jianjun photo insisted on showing the best of themselves, Gu Ailing with the “left to the axis” 1620 this ultra difficult move, a reversal win.Winning a gold medal in an event where she didn’t play her main game may have helped relieve gu of a lot of burden.In the women’s halfpipe snowboard final the next day, she was a spectator cheering for the three Chinese snowboarders CAI Xuetong, Liu Jiayu and Qiu Leng.Gu Ailing was interviewed after the match.China News Service reporter MAO Jianjun took the freestyle ski slopestyle qualification competition on the morning of 14, gu Ailing, who was more and more calm, showed a “mechanical dance” during the warm-up.Although she made a small mistake in the first jump, Gu quickly recovered her form in the second jump, scoring 79.38 points and qualifying for the final in third place.While waiting for the score, she also ate her favorite leek zygote.”I was more nervous than Gu, but she was eating cake calmly!” one netizen lamented.Gu Ailing is such a “sayin” girl, neat.She’s really enjoying the ride, enjoying the game.Gu Ailing eats leek zygote.China News Service reporter Zhai Yujia not only has a calm attitude, Gu Ailing’s down-to-earth, diligent attitude is consistent.After her heats, she did not stop in the interview area, but immediately threw herself into halfpipe training.This is why Gu always creates surprises.Before the Winter Olympics, Gu had spent five days training in China.The person in charge of the venue revealed that gu always practiced for more than five hours at a stretch from her arrival at the training ground in the morning, during which she hardly took a rest and even had no time to eat.Relaxed, calm behind, in fact, are with hard work and sweat.Gu started eating leek zygotes while waiting for her scores.In the slopestyle final on 15th, Gu Ailing’s performance was still very “sayin”.In her, too, we see the possibilities!Author: Bian Liqun editor: Wang Chao Rector: Li Mingyang official publicity!The 2022 Global Chinese New Year Cloud Gathering is coming!The Lantern Festival taste tide, small overseas Chinese take you into the town of tide dishes!Yuanxiao meet winter Olympics, ice dun dun snow rong rong riddles you can guess a few?