February property market slowly heating up!Foshan last week new housing net sign 1355 sets of city to reduce the down payment ratio

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Foshan – Wu Bisheng cold air attack, the current homebuyer confidence slowly repair, Foshan in February property market is slowly heating up.According to Leju statistics from Foshan Real Estate Information network, last week (February 13 – February 20) signed 1,355 new houses, the contracted area of about 149,000 square meters, a month-on-month increase of 70%.Second-hand housing, the city’s transaction of 679 sets, signed a surface of 83,000 square meters, also rose 73%.Although foshan’s property market has picked up after the Spring Festival, the weekly transaction volume of both new and second-hand homes is still low.From the new house point of view, last week many areas qi warming, Nanhai district with 457 sets of pull out the first, shunde 333 sets followed, Sanshui also clinched a deal 230 sets, Chan City Gaoming two areas similar turnover.It is worth noting that last week, there was a hint of loosening of the mortgage policy. First, Heze in Shandong province cut the down payment ratio for first home loans from 30 percent to 20 percent, followed by news that many banks in Chongqing and Ganzhou in Jiangxi province had lowered the down payment ratio for first home loans to 20 percent around the Spring Festival.Shell Research Believes that the adjustment of commercial loan policies sends a signal of market bottoming. Since the first half of 2022 is still in the peak stage of the maturity of real estate enterprises’ debts, the financial pressure of real estate enterprises is still relatively large, and the introduction of relevant policies is also conducive to stabilizing the operation of real estate enterprises.According to Leju, a real estate enterprise of 100 billion level in Fujian province and a real estate enterprise of 100 billion level in South China recently have ushered in the critical moment of debt repayment.At present, it is the policy window for margin relaxation.”G and r guangfo area, chief analyst at XiaoWenXiao believes that the current slow the confidence of the buyers are still in the repair process, the property market “Indian summer” premature, is expected to get rid of off-season effect after the Spring Festival, big in March a high probability clinch a deal would be in the first quarter, but the repair process is likely to continue until years.Article source: Leju buy a house