Big outer space cut 30+24, the former Shandong coach difficult to shake the strong enemy, 5 consecutive defeat, close to the class

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On January 27, Beijing time news, the 2021-22 CBA regular season of the second phase of the final stage, in the 28th round of a match, is still fighting for the playoff qualification of Qingdao men’s basketball and Zhejiang men’s basketball again.After four quarters, Qingdao men’s basketball lost to Zhejiang men’s basketball 88-93, 5 points narrowly lost, suffered 5 consecutive defeats.This service, Qingdao men’s basketball big foreign aid Johnson alone cut 30 points 24 rebounds of the large double double, unfortunately, after all, unable to shake the strong Zhejiang men’s basketball.For former Shandong men’s basketball coach Wu Qinglong, after losing the game, Qingdao men’s basketball distance from the playoffs was a bit further, perhaps for his class distance and close some of it.Qingdao’s men’s basketball team has a poor record this season, 8-19 after 27 rounds, ranking 16th, five games shy of 12th place Jilin. Wu Qinglong’s team had just suffered four straight losses and desperately needed a win to stanch the bleeding.Qingdao men’s basketball team ranked 14th with 95.7 points per game and 8th with 97.5 points per game.Zhejiang men’s basketball is powerful, Liu Weiwei’s team 21-6 ranked the third, the team is powerful, scoring 102.7 points per game ranked the sixth, average points lost 89.1 points, ranked the second.The two teams met once this season, with Zhejiang beating its opponent 105-98.Qingdao men’s basketball this service arranged Wang Ruizze, Johnson, Hong Zhonghua, Wang Qingming and Wang Hong first, Zhejiang men’s basketball is sent on Zhu Xuhang, Cheng Shuaipeng, Rakeseevich, Wu Qian and Lu Wenbo first.Clearly, Liu weiwei also wanted to end the second stage with a win.Qingdao men’s basketball team got off to a good start, beating Zhejiang 7-4, but then Zhejiang men’s basketball team put on a 9-0 run to widen the gap to six points.However, Qingdao men’s basketball did not give up, once to 13-13 level.The first section of the war, but Qingdao men’s basketball 23-20 lead 3 points.Into the second quarter, Qingdao men’s basketball once played to 29-25 lead by 4 points, but then Zhejiang men’s basketball outside force, the point difference to pull back.With Wu first 3 points into, Zhejiang men’s basketball points difference to 9 points.Half war strike, Qingdao men’s basketball 43-46 behind 3 points.Johnson had 18 points and 13 rebounds in the first half and Wu chien-qian had 11 points.Easy side to fight again, Qingdao men’s basketball is still very want to recover the score, but after all, the strength of the gap is quite big, single section was zhejiang men’s basketball and played a 20-28, three sections of the war, Zhejiang men’s basketball 74-63 lead 11 points.Into the fourth quarter, Zhejiang men’s basketball start is a wave of 9-1, points difference to 19 points, directly stop Qingdao men’s basketball.Although Wu Qinglong wanted to perform a miracle, once caught up to only 4 points, unfortunately, after all, could not resist the opponent’s attack, finally, Qingdao men’s basketball to 88-93 defeated Zhejiang men’s basketball, 5 points narrowly lost, to the end of the second phase of 5 consecutive losses, far from the playoffs and a step, and the former Shandong coach Wu Qinglong distance from the dismissal may be a step closer.Data level, Zhejiang men’s basketball four points in double, Wu Qian 24 points, Cheng Shuaipeng 18 points, Liu Zeyi 14 points, Green 15 points.Johnson scored 30 points and 24 rebounds, Wang Qingming 10 points and Wang Ruize 13 points.Zhejiang Men’s Basketball starters: Zhu Xuhang, Cheng Shuaipeng, Rakovic, Wu Qian, Lu Wenbo Qingdao men’s basketball starters: Wang Ruize, Johnson, Hong Zhonghua, Wang Qingming, Wang Hong