Ba ‘er Lake Town was selected as the “Hometown of Folk Culture and Art of Sichuan Province” in 2021-2023 for shadow play.

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The southern shadow puppetry was once called the Horse King shadow puppetry because it originated in the former Mawang Township of Nanbu County (now merged into Baerhu Town). As a wonderful flower in northern Sichuan, the southern shadow puppetry is still shining on various stages.In recent years, Nanbu County has made unremitting efforts for the inheritance and development of shadow puppetry through a series of ways, such as entering schools with shadow puppetry, developing and training inheritors, innovating plays and undertaking performances.Recently, Ba ‘er Lake Town of Nanbu County has been selected as the “Hometown of Folk Culture and Art in Sichuan Province” in 2021-2023 for its distinctive folk culture and art shadow play.On every major festival, the southern shadow puppetry will appear in the cultural center of Nanbu County with unique music.On the stage, the drummer, gong player, huqin player and other roles formed a performance team. With exquisite techniques, the shadow puppets flew up and down on the curtain, and sang the distinctive tone of northern Sichuan according to different characters and scenes, showing the thoughts and feelings of different characters and roles incisively and vividly.Audience, the audience staring at the square inch between the interpretation of the classic story, sometimes frown, sometimes laugh, in the story of the climax, but also can’t help bursting out again and again warm applause, its lively scene, like villagers watching ba Ba movie.Originated in Guanyinshan Village, Mawang Township, Nanbu County, during the Reign of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty, southern shadow puppetry has a history of nearly 300 years, according to He Tiankui, the eighth generation inheritor of southern shadow puppetry.Between 1723 and 1735, he Yinggui, a farmer from Mawang Township, Nanbu County, was influenced by the shadow play art and decided to learn it from a teacher. After learning it, he founded a shadow play troupe named “Xinglong Shadow Play Society”.It was at that time that “Southern Ho Shadow Play” was born.It is reported that the artistic creativity of shadow puppetry is derived from the techniques and styles of silk paintings, stone and brick of the Han Dynasty.He Yinggui, the founder, has taught southern shadow puppetry for the ninth generation.”We often organize actors to perform in scenic spots for free, which has achieved good results in attracting tourists, displaying traditional southern culture and boosting rural tourism.”Related person in charge of nanbu County Cultural Center introduced that the free performance activities aim to promote the excellent traditional culture of Nanbu County in a more down-to-earth way, especially the interactive link in the performance, which can not only let tourists learn the basic skills of shadow play, but also popularize the knowledge of intangible cultural heritage.”The performance and shadow production of southern shadow puppetry include painting, rap, paper carving, opera and other arts. The character modeling absorbs the characteristics of facial makeup, paper cutting and weinan lantern shadow, making it vivid and dynamic.In the early days, the shapes of shadow puppets were rough and bulky, and each shape was more than 2 feet high. After improvement, they gradually evolved into the current light and exquisite shape, making it easier to perform.”The person in charge of the introduction, up to now, has “Mu Guiying” “Wu Song dozen tiger” “Chaffa Mei case” “bishangliangshan” “eight clothes” and other Sichuan opera was transplanted to the southern shadow play, more than 200 performances, greatly enriched the repertoire.In recent years, Nanbu County attaches great importance to the rescue and protection of shadow puppetry, and has established the Shadow Puppetry Troupe of Nanbu County Cultural Center, which carries out annual Tours to the countryside, campus and community and exchanges outside the county. The annual performances are more than 300 times, and 3 training courses are held annually, cultivating more than 380 shadow puppetry inheritors and enthusiasts.In July 2019, the awarding ceremony of Chinese shadow play on the “UN Intangible Cultural Heritage list of Humanity” was held in Chengdu by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. The southern shadow play was selected as a representative national intangible cultural heritage project.During the event, the plaque of “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” was formally awarded to the southern shadow puppetry.”In recent years, relevant provincial, municipal and county departments have carried out special research on shadow play, and put forward a set of specific implementation plans on rescuing, inheriting and carrying forward shadow play.”Nanbu County culture center related person in charge of introduction, Nanbu county attaches great importance to the protection and inheritance of folk culture and art, the shadow puppetry will be included in the county’s intangible cultural heritage rescue and protection project, the establishment of intangible cultural heritage training center, non-body examination base;We should cooperate with scenic spots to develop cultural and creative products, establish cultural corridors, strengthen performances, enrich repertory performances, and increase the number of foreign exchanges and performances of shadow puppetry, so as to cultivate more inheritors, so as to further expand the popularity of shadow puppetry in the south.It is understood that the southern shadow puppetry has participated in Beijing’s “Welcome the New Century Spring Festival Association”, “Sichuan International TELEVISION Festival” and other activities, for the United States, Germany, Singapore and other 14 countries to sichuan guests to give a special performance.In 2021, Ba ‘er Lake Town of Nanbu County will be selected for shadow play with distinctive folk culture and art in 2021-2023?”Hometown of Folk Culture and Art in Sichuan Province”.According to the introduction, the next step, nanbu county will continue to enrich the content of the folk culture and art township, improve the quality of the folk culture and art township, give full play to the “folk culture and art township” in promoting rural revitalization, cultural and tourism integration development, improve the modern public cultural service system and other aspects of the unique role.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: