Are we serious?

2022-05-13 0 By

Some things, the net friends seize not to put, is we serious?What are they really doing for?Isn’t it for the good of the majority and our country?Some people, studying abroad, for her personal gain, smears our country.Netizens asked the men to apologize in order to stop some young people from making such a stupid mistake again.Is it wrong to call them punishment?To damage the reputation of the state for personal gain;Scolding fellow citizens and our heroes for a moment of bravado.Shouldn’t these people be educating?Shouldn’t this evil trend be corrected?Some people encroach on the interests of the majority. Can’t we call them out?They don’t show up, they don’t apologize, can’t the Internet take them seriously?These people have not been punished, can netizens give up?Give up, let them take the people’s hard-earned money, all day to live a lavish life, the net friends can feel at ease?Regardless of how helpful Internet users can be, they have no bad ideas.For example, by whipping up some unhealthy tendencies in society, won’t the general atmosphere of society develop in a better direction?As the first to report those corrupt officials of the evil, is not in warning those who want to corrupt, do not corrupt?Let them know that greed is a sad fate, doomed, despised by the people.Will be a sinner of history, even not die, but can also play a role.In fact, netizens are also well-intentioned, not for the happiness of most people.Look who said it from the bottom of their heart.Are they really all out for themselves?Not at all.They are for people to get along equally.Social distribution does not say absolutely equal, you can take what is yours.But don’t take more. It belongs to the people.Some people say that the net friend tube much.Is this more of a tube?I think we need to work hard, as long as there are people who say this, it shows that our net friends have not managed home.They also said that there are some things, is the Internet speculation.If, they are aboveboard, open and square, also use others to figure out?If they don’t talk about what everyone doesn’t understand, how can they talk about what others have to figure out?They can make a green onion mixed tofu one green and two white, and there can be so much trouble.Shouldn’t netizens be serious with these people?In my opinion, this does not call the net friends and their serious.They’re the ones who want to be thieves.Corruption and occupation of the people’s interests, but also can not get rid of a skin slip.It’s not a crime if the Internet doesn’t watch and wait to help catch the bad guys.No one can damage the good name of the country.No one can occupy more of the people’s property.As long as the Internet users know, they will surely expose the evil they committed.You say try to figure it out!You say serious also!As long as there is evil, Internet users will not give up, and they really and try to figure it out.(yu)