Acute myeloid leukemia M5

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Today, the anti-cancer process recorded, in order to be able to keep the later timely search for standby, by the way, also can get to know more tired like patients, learn from each other, exchange experience, common encouragement, strive for cancer success.26 Human granulocyte stimulating factor Injection (Qilu) 1 injection Interleukin-11 1 injection 5% glucose injection 100ml phenolethylamine injection 0.75g 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250ml Pipenem 0.6g Today is the 10th day after the first major chemotherapy.Because a few days ago, my white blood cells (0.2) and platelets (17) dropped very low, several times of ascending white needle and ascending plate needle, cells still did not grow in time, resulting in a fever.This is the third day of fever. Let’s see if it’s serious.The first fever did not exceed 38°, but I took ibuprofen for platelet transfusion to reduce the fever.And the temperature is very fast, about half an hour to sweat.Second fever, nor more than 38 ° at the beginning, but, because I am a little runny nose, through blood, blood culture, found a little infection in the respiratory tract, so give me lost the antibiotic, the body temperature up to 39 ° at one fell swoop, I quickly took ibuprofen, I went to the toilet again, among the temperature did not come down in a timely manner, the doctor said the platelet placed too long,Afraid of affecting the effect, I know that a small bag of platelets 1400 yuan, so the transfusion of fever solution, only reduced to 38, platelet transfusion, temperature dropped to 37°.It was one o ‘clock in the morning.I am not in a good condition today, but I have no discomfort. I can eat. I hope I will not have a fever today.