Yan Ciping’s Appreciation of Cattle Herding in autumn Field

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Cattle as the theme of painting creation, as early as in the Tang dynasty has become a fashion.At that time, cattle and saddle horse together become the theme of the painter like performance, painting the horse has Cao Ba, Han Gan and other famous, and painting cattle are Dai Song, Dai Yi, Han Hwang, Li Chien and other people.Li Guizhen of the Five Dynasties and Zhu Xi, Zhu Ying, Zhen Hui, Wang Ning and Qi Xu of the Northern Song Dynasty were also masters of ox painting.During the Southern Song Dynasty, there were many famous cattle painters, such as Li Tang, Zhirong, Li Di and Yan Ciping, who left many exquisite works.However, as the years passed, many of these works were lost overseas.Among them, Yan Chiping’s “Cattle in the Autumn Field” is a fine piece, which is currently stored in the Shokukan museum of Izumi, Japan.Yan Ciping, a painter of the Southern Song Dynasty, was appointed to the Academy of Painting at the beginning of Longxing (about 1163) and granted the general Shi Lang.Father zhong, served as xuanhe and Shaoxing Painting Academy for zhao.Inherit family learning, painting than his father.Good at painting landscape, figures, especially cattle.Drawing style near Li Tang.Akiye Cattle Herd map (97.5 centimeters in length and 50.6 centimeters in width) was designated as a national treasure by the Japanese government and has important historical and artistic value.The picture depicts two shepherd boys resting under a tree with three cows.In the work, three big trees occupy the main part of the picture. The first two trees are leaf trees with double hooks, and the last one is dotted with leaves.The most front of a tree is the main description of the object, with red dye, although the leaves are dense cover the sun, but the tree has part of the fallen leaves, it is like midsummer has passed, early autumn did not arrive at the moment.Two shepherd boys were playing alone under a tree, an old cow and a young calf were resting on a slope under a tree, and a distant cow was walking slowly in search of grass.In this picture, the tree trunk is hard and strong with the brush, and the brush is broad and handsome. The slope and the shade are rendered in ink, which subtly conveys the soil and the sense of shade.The hair of the cow is traced with a fine brush, deep dark with light ink layer upon layer of faint dye, distant mountains and distant shore with light ink.The whole picture is summed up with a straight pen, which perfectly presents the situation of daily life in the countryside.Besides the works handed down by Yan Ciping, The Freer Museum of Art in the United States and the Nanjing Museum respectively have his “Mountain Village Returning animal Husbandry” (album) and “Four Seasons Cattle Herding Scroll”.In the Southern Song Dynasty, the development of painting with horses and cows as the theme has become mature, and the painting techniques have reached a considerable level, which has a great relationship with people’s ideas at that time.For horses and oxen, people in the Song Dynasty believed that they contained a very profound philosophy, which was closely related to yi Xiang.In Xuanhe Painting Spectrum · Narration of Livestock and Animals, it is said that “Dry is like the sky, and the sky is vigorous, so it is a horse.Kun like ground, ground heavy and smooth, so for cattle.Horse and cattle, livestock also, and the universe of the big take that elephant.If you have to undertake a long and arduous task, you can see it again from the “Sui” in The book of Changes. Therefore, most of the painting history is named after horses and cattle.”For the painting of tiger, leopard, deer, roe, rabbit and other undomesticated animals, it is to take its jumping in the wilderness and cold, running away from the situation, to send the heroic gas between the brush.Therefore, cattle as the theme of the painting creation, its evaluation is good or bad also have strict standards.”Xuan he Painting Spectrum” that the Northern Song Dynasty Pei Wen picture painting cattle, at that time very famous, but because of the vulgar and wild, can not enter the eye of connoisseurs, so it ended in oblivion.However, the depiction of cattle herding by Li Tang, Li Di, Yan Ciping and others in the Southern Song Dynasty is not intended to use more brush strokes in daily customs, but to integrate very profound humanistic concepts in the depiction process, so as to fully capture the wild and free appearance of cattle, “take the interest of the village’s original wind and desert”, and get the real nature of cattle by shedding the shape and appearance of the world.As can be seen from the wu Niu Tu preserved by Han Hwang of the Tang Dynasty, this theme is still in the early stage of creation, and the shape of the cow is relatively primitive.And the five dynasties to the southern song dynasty, the northern song dynasty development, cattle theme is gradually into the relatively mature stage, the modelling of cattle is not only accurate, and well presented the local characteristics of cattle in the different seasons, different weather, especially for the life of cattle, cattle and nature and the relationship between the cattle and the relationship between the people are expressed very profound summary, lyricism is very strong,Has moved away from the earlier graphical approach to representation.Cattle Herding in the Autumn Field makes the viewer easily feel the close relationship between man and nature in the Southern Song Dynasty.In agricultural society on the basis of the farming and pastoral graceful image to construct a kind of unspeakable poetic realm, make the person easily immersed in the spirit of quiet atmosphere, which has both the “thick DE cargo” kun feng youlan, there are also deeply aware of the natural environment and subjective of modern objective truth effectively integrated with nature.Author: Zhao Qibin