Right instep volley!The 29-year-old World Cup striker smashed the Liverpool manager with a knife to the right

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He has won numerous bundesliga, Premier League and Champions League trophies as a manager, while the tall right-back spent most of his playing career at Mainz.I have nothing to do in my spare time to watch the video, and accidentally saw this amazing world wave shot by Uncle Zhu, even today, it is the best goal of the year.Let’s look at this goal, the ball is a free kick from the left to mainz, oblique long pass directly to find the right forward meet Mr. Klopp, discharge slag uncle volley ball, before the ball, with his right foot directly is the lower part of the instep to drive the ball with the right, blew out the splendid parabola and let the ball over the goalkeeper’s fingertips, hit distal medial after smashing the post into the net.After the goal slag uncle shook a head of blond hair, ran to the sidelines to celebrate.German football is the game 1996-97 season in serie b round of a game, 28 at represents the beauty of the three goals from home victory may pen, and at the goal, appear in the game on 62 minutes, also is the home team goal to break the ice, since then, the Moroccan international winger in the Cleveland and Germany center ord to build a work,Helped Mainz to a complete victory over their rivals.I don’t know much about the past in Mr. Klopp player career resume, see after the goal, to consult the relevant information, learned that slag tertiary center out, to play right-back and playing for mainz 11 years and have good data of 56 goals in 340, there are four season in a season goal reach or exceed 8, can be said to be the absolute sense with the sword of the anchorman.