Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter plays a “life of being disliked”

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In April 2018, Wu chulin and her girlfriend publicly appealed to Jackie Chan in Canada. She officially admitted that she was The illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan.Wu zhuolin probably thought his father would be mindful of his blood ties, or that he was under public pressure to help him.But it’s a pity that Jackie Chan doesn’t care!Wu Zhuolin can be said to be the most miserable star of the second generation, as a superstar Jackie Chan’s daughter did not enjoy the blessing, but since the birth of the world has been criticized.Wu Zhuolin empty “little dragon woman” name: her father Jackie refused to acknowledge her, in the heart of her mother Wu Qi Li she is forced to defeat the chip, outsiders eyes she is not the name of the “illegitimate daughter”.No second-generation star is so embarrassed. Wu Zhuolin, who should enjoy wealth and honor and be surrounded by light, has never been protected by his father like his elder brother Jaycee.For Jackie chan, this daughter doesn’t exist. He doesn’t have a place for her in his life plan.As for Qili Wu, she hated her daughter simply because she was humiliated by the presence of Wu Zhuolin.Wu Zhuolin’s birth is a mistake, the last generation of grievances directly lead to her “father does not hurt, niang does not love”, staged “cruel life”!In 1999, Elaine Wu, who was heavily pregnant, held a press conference and publicly announced that she was pregnant with Jackie’s child, in an attempt to force Jackie to marry her.Cheer Wu is not ordinary people, she not only wealthy family, was also a famous Hong Kong star.Jackie Chan was forced to come out and say: “I made a mistake that many men make all over the world!”Cheer Wu thought she had it in the bag: Jackie Chan would marry her no matter what, under the double pressure of morality and public opinion!But did not think that halfway out of a journey bite gold, she this shout unexpectedly will Jackie Chan’s wife “Lin Fengjiao forced out.Chan was married in secret: no one knew he was married to Lin fengjiao, and their son Jaycee is 16.The reason Why Lin fengjiao and her son did not show up for more than 10 years was to follow Jackie chan’s wishes to protect his career.Qili Wu strong biegong, but make Lin Fengjiao to Jackie Chan’s wife’s identity fair and square, no longer need to be wronged quietly hidden in the background.Lin Fengjiao is a person not to be underestimated, she did not face Jackie Chan’s infidelity like ordinary women roll around.Lin Fengjiao in dealing with Jackie chan and Elaine Wu’s relationship, showed a very generous, tolerant wife style, she is very calm and gentle told Jackie chan: “you first comfort others, do not hurt her;But don’t hurt us. You need me to step up. I’ll be there.”Just from the human life, for the sake of the husband, Wu Qi Li has been thoroughly lost to Lin Fengjiao.Cheer Wu’s radical, Lin Fengjiao’s tolerance, in Jackie Chan’s heart into an immediate sharp contrast.Jackie Chan more feel Lin Fengjiao good, more feel these years Lin Fengjiao for its hidden marriage is not easy, more feel Lin Fengjiao is the most worthy of their trust.Ashamed Jackie Chan decided to return prodigal son, to Lin Fengjiao will not recognize Wu Qi Li and her children, and even transferred all his property to Lin Fengjiao.Jackie chan even directly warned Wu: “Even if you have the baby, I will not recognize!”Jackie Chan’s attitude is very obvious, he will never give up Lin Fengjiao mother and son and Wu Qi Li marriage, let her as soon as possible to break the idea of using children.But Qili Wu did not believe evil, thought that as long as the child was born Jackie Chan will change his mind, so regardless of all opposition will Wu Zhuolin was born.However, Jackie Chan said he did, really do not recognize!Jackie Chan’s refusal to make Cheer Wu lost completely: not only did not succeed, but also back a huge name.Wu Qi Li’s heart breeds endless resentment, and her hatred directly affects Wu Zhuo Lin’s entire life.Wu Zhuolin was born in the world’s scorn: his father was called a “cheating man”, her mother was called a “mistress”, and she was called a “illegitimate daughter”!Such a child who is not right from birth is not accepted and blessed by the world.Wu Zhuolin “not glorious” complex life experience, even her close grandmother Zheng Liming also very cold to her.When she was a child, she had a period of time to follow Zheng Liming, but her grandmother was very strict with her, carrying out the “stick education” : abuse, punishment, do not look at the “granddaughter”!Later, Wu Zhuolin left her grandmother back to Wu Qili side, thought you can enjoy the warmth of maternal love, but did not expect Wu Qili than Zheng Liming.Whenever Wu zhuolin did not meet her requirements, She severely punished the child.Wu Zhuolin’s childhood life is extremely cruel, Wu Qi Li will almost treat her as a tool to vent anger: not only punish her to do housework, but also her body punishment blue and purple.As a result of years of beatings, Wu Zhuolin still has some scars and marks on his body.Ms. Wu rebelled against Ms. Wu: she ran away from home and called the police for help, but nothing improved her cruel life.Because father does not hurt, mother does not love, Wu Zhuolin is often bullied by the students at school.Wu Zhuolin should be the golden branches of jade leaves, leng is to live similar to the local ruffian rascally’s small too sister: not only the hair picked flat, dyeing, but also directly choose to come out of the closet.Wu Zhuolin uses a very rebellious way to vent his dissatisfaction with his parents and cruel life.Chugh is her mother’s bargaining chip: not only is she not needed for Jackie chan, she is a symbol of humiliation for Elaine Wu.Coupled with the world’s “ridicule”, it can be imagined that Wu Zhuolin’s experience from childhood to adulthood in the end how cruel.”I have never met him in my life. If you asked me if I have met him, LET me ask you if I have met him.I know him almost as well as you do.”Wu Zhuolin has a father but is equal to no father, niang did not enjoy the gentle maternal love should have.Wu Zhuolin herself has done nothing wrong, the only fault may be not into the right birth: her biological parents’ hatred, resulting in her being disliked by the world!No one is looking at Wu Zhuolin, she is “father does not love, mother does not love” child, her life is very cruel!If you can choose, I believe that Wu Zhuo Lin would never want to become Jackie Chan and Elaine Wu’s daughter, even if it is born in the ordinary family is better than being abandoned.Fortunately, Wu Zhuolin has the ability to be independent. Perhaps with her resignation, her life will gradually get on the right track and change the cruel fate through her own efforts.