Pan Li yao Xu gathered in Kaifeng on February 18, which broadcast host dare to say this is his credit?

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Pan Li yao Xu gathered in Kaifeng on February 18, which broadcast host dare to say this is his credit?February 18 seemed to be a watershed day, in sharp contrast to the days that preceded it.February 18, before the original support yao hui to pursue the truth of many main exited, some defection, some defect, can eat support to pursue the truth of the melon people frighten not light, because according to the exit of the main claim. Without them, the tragedy of the nurse xu min nobody knows, nobody wrong in the progress of the propulsion, the other side of the fakes are revealed.Therefore, eat melon masses heart frightened flesh war, you these big coffee withdrew, 28 events is not to stop?Yao Xu’s grievances to bottom out?Just at the critical moment when we eat melon people are anxious and afraid, lawyer Li Sheng arrived in Kaifeng from Beijing, lawyer Pan Ke arrived in Kaifeng from Jiujiang, Yao Xu and his wife came with lawyer Pan Ke, uncle Kaifeng had been waiting in Kaifeng.On February 18, there were only a few broadcasters on the scene in Kaifeng, and the onlookers were mostly kaifeng citizens, who shouted “Xu Ma refueling”.By the Lord?The host?What about the people who would shut down without you?What about the people you can’t move on without?Netizens from Pan Li Yao Xu and uncle Kaifeng’s face, have seen a new turning point in the 28 events, have seen the 28 events into the countdown.At this point in time, what broadcaster can claim credit for bringing the case this far?It is possible that the earth rotates better with someone around, but doesn’t the earth still rotate without someone around?It is said that Thanks to the plum millions of debt, no flow is struggling;It is said that old Fan does not broadcast a day without his daughter to eat, his family has no spare food ah;It is said that wisdom micro received binbin’s five boxes of Wuliangye, and her old accounts on “wipe the SLATE clean”;It is said that The cat mother asked Tian Jing for millions of yuan, tian Jing really can not get out.It is not said to be true that after the cat mother was indicted, she changed;Wisdom micro was sued, changed;King Sharp has been indicted, and he’s changed.The February 8 incident is not only a tragedy of life, a family drama and an Internet farce, but also a mirror that reflects the hidden demons and demons, right?