Notice to candidates!There are changes in the undergraduate enrollment plan for this year involving 2,765 majors

2022-05-11 0 By

Published by the Ministry of Education in 2021 professional undergraduate course of common colleges and universities for the record and the result of examination and approval, the new professional 1961, revocation of professional 804, 31 kinds of new professional listed in the catalog of major of undergraduate course of common colleges and universities, the professional to filing, approval and adjustment, will be included in the relevant university undergraduate admissions in 2022.It is understood that the major of the increase, the removal of a total of 2,765 professional distribution points, accounting for the current undergraduate professional distribution point total 4.6%.This time, 1,961 majors were added, including 1773 majors for record and 188 majors for approval.Thirty-one new majors, including carbon storage science and engineering, aerospace intelligent electric propulsion technology, biological breeding science, resource and environment big data engineering, wetland protection and restoration, intelligent forestry, labor education and history of science, have been officially included in the undergraduate program catalog.A total of 804 majors will be abolished, mainly those that fail to meet the changing needs of society and have low employment rates.In addition, in order to prevent the “overheating” of some majors, the regulation of art and other majors is strengthened, and colleges and universities are explicitly required to apply for the addition of art majors, which should conform to the orientation of running schools. At the same time, some of the newly listed art majors are included in the national control distribution of majors for management.Source: CCTV news client