Full coverage of legal counsel will be promoted to support the healthy development of private enterprises

2022-05-11 0 By

Private enterprises are an important part of the main body of the socialist market economy, and play an important role in social and economic development.However, some private enterprises have poor legal risk awareness and insufficient prevention and control ability of compliance operation, which has become the key to restrict the healthy and sustainable development of private economy.Representative Wang Baolin suggested that the city should implement the full coverage of private enterprise legal counsel project.Set up a leadership group from the municipal level, composed of economic, financial, judicial, administrative and other relevant departments of the municipal government, to lead, plan and coordinate the full coverage of legal counsel for private enterprises;To establish a highly efficient and principled coordination mechanism, reduce the problems of high cost, time-consuming and difficult execution, and effectively and timely prevent the relevant legal risks that private enterprises may encounter in their development.The leadership group coordinated relevant departments to study and formulate the system of full coverage of legal counsel for private enterprises in line with the actual situation of our city, and made overall arrangements for the number of private enterprises and lawyers in each county.At the same time, the independent decision of enterprises will be respected. For small and micro private enterprises that cannot hire legal advisers due to financial difficulties, government procurement can be implemented to provide legal services for them.In addition, according to the characteristics of the zhuhai enterprise legal requirements and legal adviser itself business development needs, the judicial administrative department can contact regularly invited experienced lawyer, experts and the teachers in colleges and universities, for government procurement service group’s online and offline enterprise legal adviser to professional training, improve service lawyers for the ability of the private enterprise as a legal adviser.