Focus on school | games elements, the women’s spirit, campus security starts to become “word”

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On February 17, the 17th day of the first lunar month, primary and secondary schools in our city ushered in the first day of the new semester. After a quiet winter vacation, the campus began to bustle again.Early in the morning, the students back to school are particularly happy, we have to say endless words, endless feelings.Happy laughter, lang Lang sound of reading again echoed in the campus.On the same day, the reporter walked into the city’s primary and secondary schools to visit the first day of school related conditions.The new semester city experimental primary school Jinghe Road campus of the students began the first day of school morning reading, the first lesson of the first day of school is full of new ideas, the first lesson of the school is rich in content.That day, the reporter visited found that the first lesson content of each primary and secondary school is different, both to the Olympic spirit, aerospace spirit, civilized etiquette as the theme of the class meeting, but also the Spring Festival interesting discussion.In jinghe Road school district of experimental primary school, each class closely links “winter Olympics theme”, let the students understand the Olympic story, learn the Olympic spirit.”Through the first lesson of the new term, I hope the children will learn more about the Olympic Games, feel the Atmosphere of the Olympic Games, and hope the Olympic spirit will inspire the students to adhere to their dreams in their studies and never give up.”Fourth grade teacher full moon zhi said.At 8:00 a.m. on the same day, the new tengzhou No. 2 Middle School held the spring opening ceremony and the flag-raising ceremony with the theme of “Sailing a new journey, together towards the future”.During the ceremony, the students’ patriotism was reinforced by the hot topics such as The Beijing Winter Olympics and China’s victory in the Asian Women’s Football Cup, and they were encouraged to develop the fighting spirit of never bowing to difficulties.”Football has always been our school’s feature. Through the spirit of winter Olympics and women’s football, students are encouraged to work hard and dare to be the first.I hope that the students can demonstrate the heroic spirit of life, which is needed to realize the Chinese dream.Second grade teacher Man Zhiqiang said.”Safety” is the buzzword for the first day of school.In Xinghuacun Primary School, beixin Street, “the first lesson” is about the formation of good habits and campus safety.Teachers carry out online teaching through the educational video resources of “The First Lesson of Spring School Safety” provided by the online platform, and provide students with safety education of spring infectious diseases, traffic safety, myopia prevention and control, campus safety and other safety education, so as to improve students’ self-prevention and self-rescue ability.Nothing is trivial about school safety.At the beginning of the new semester, in order to let students feel at ease in class, many schools have carried out a comprehensive investigation of security risks on campus in advance, focusing on the problems in student restaurants, teaching buildings and other places.City to good school organized each class held a safety education theme class meeting, the class director of the students to strengthen the prevention of bullying incidents, traffic safety, fire safety and other education.The school encourages students to start from me, start from now, strengthen classroom routine training, promote homework norms, and constantly cultivate students’ own behavior habits, learning habits, homework norms and other good habits.In order to let students take heart as soon as possible, better into their study and life, some middle schools in our city “straight to the point”, the first day of the new semester directly to carry out the teaching work.In the interview, the teacher of Yucai Middle School said that the students’ study time was tight. In order not to delay the class, the teacher of yucai Middle School made the teaching plan in advance, so that the students could be engaged in normal learning on the first day of school.For individual students may appear nervous, the head teacher will focus on, to help students adjust their mentality, in the best state to meet the new semester.Because the winter vacation time is short, the students’ heart is faster.Facing the new semester, the mood of the students is generally cheerful, there is no obvious discomfort.In the interview, most middle school students can quickly enter the state of learning.”I am a sophomore in senior high school this year. Time is very precious to me, so I should not only learn to quickly learn the first lesson, but also concentrate on my study.”Tengzhou No. 1 middle school student Wang Xu said.☀ special statement that the public account or not clearly indicated the source of information, copyright belongs to the public account, without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced, excerpted or in other ways to use the above works.Those who have been authorized to use this official account should use it within the authorized scope and indicate “source: Tengzhou Daily”.Violation of the above statement, the public account will investigate its relevant legal responsibility.☀ LU ICP ready 13002907 -1☀ Internet News information Service License 37120210005 wechat ID: Tengzhouribaoshe