“Post Research” under The pen of Shen Yong

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Post research is an important part of human resource management, but its research object and scope are different from the emphases of human resource management.The object of job research is the labor positions that need to be undertaken by people in enterprises.The post is centered on “things”, assigning work tasks and responsibilities to each employee.Therefore, the post may be long-term or short-term staff full-time, part-time, may also appear vacant.The central role of job research is to provide scientific basis for human resource management, to achieve appropriate personnel, people should be called to their jobs, and make the best of their talents.The role of basic principles, methods and Concepts Of Job research, which was called Job Analysis at the beginning of American industrial enterprises, developed rapidly immediately after its emergence.Later, it was applied to the government and civil administration, known as Position Classification.Post research developed and improved independently on these two paths. It was not until the concept of “human resource” was put forward that enterprise workers, government officials and all kinds of managers had a unified name — human resource, so the two methods were unified and collectively called post research.Job research is an important part of human resource management, but its research object and scope are different from the emphases of human resource management.The object of job research is the labor positions that need to be undertaken by people in enterprises.The post is centered on “things”, assigning work tasks and responsibilities to each employee.Therefore, the post may be long-term or short-term staff full-time, part-time, may also appear vacant.The central role of job research is to provide scientific basis for human resource management, to achieve appropriate personnel, people should be called to their jobs, and make the best of their talents.1. Job research provides objective basis for enterprise employee recruitment. Employee recruitment is a very important link in enterprise human resource management, and an important means for enterprises to obtain needed talents when they need them.Before the employee recruitment, it is necessary to determine the job nature and content of the vacant position as well as the minimum standard that the competent employee should have. Job research is the basic premise of enterprise employee recruitment, selection and appointment.Post institute of the personnel file, job description, the nature of certain types of work, character, and as such have the qualifications, conditions, have done detailed instructions and regulations, make management personnel to the object and the standard of recruitment and selection, and according to these information to choose the appropriate selection method and the examination content, strive for selection.2, position research is the basis of enterprise staffing staffing is a scientific employment standard.The so-called compilation is to reasonably determine the structure, form and scale of the enterprise organization and the amount of personnel allocation according to the production and technical organization conditions of the enterprise.The so-called number of staff, is on the basis of the number of staff, in strict accordance with the quality requirements of the number of staff and post, for each post of the enterprise with qualified personnel.Scientific and reasonable staffing can make enterprises achieve the goal of streamlining organizations, saving people and improving work efficiency.And post the position of research to establish an orderly system, accurately reveal the nature of work and characteristics of each position, responsibility size, technical difficulty and the incumbent job characteristics and qualifications, such as the qualification required to determine the position of enterprise number and number of the holder, and the standard of office, personnel allocation capacity to provide the scientific basis for the enterprise.3, post research helps enterprises to carry out reasonable labor quota and pay labor remuneration labor quota is the enterprise in a certain production technology organization conditions, using a variety of methods, to produce a certain product or complete a task of labor consumption prescribed in advance.The basis of scientific and reasonable labor quota and labor remuneration is the detailed post information such as the nature of each post, the degree of technical complexity, workload, responsibility and working conditions.The result of job analysis and job evaluation is one of the important bases to determine the working process (or type of work) work quota level and standard working day length, which also effectively ensures that the workers in each work position get fair and reasonable wages and realize equal pay for equal work.Employee training is an important means of human resources development. Enterprises have a certain investment in training, but many enterprises respond that the effect of training is not ideal, one of the most important reasons is the lack of targeted training.The result of job research — job description provides scientific basis for the selection of training content, and provides assessment indicators and standards for the evaluation of training results.In short, scientific job research provides a foundation for the development of staff training.5, and post the results of the study is an important source of employee performance appraisal index and standard employee performance appraisal is one of the main functions of management of human resources, is according to certain standard, adopt the method of a certain collection, analysis and evaluation on the subject of some employees in their jobs work behavior and work result aspects of information process.This kind of assessment takes the staff as the object, through the staff’s morality, ability, diligence, performance and other aspects of the comprehensive evaluation, judge whether they are competent, and take this as the basis of personnel adjustment.The post research is centered on the post, analyzing and evaluating the functions and requirements of each post, clarifying the responsibilities and authority of each post, as well as the necessary qualifications and conditions of the personnel responsible for the post, so as to choose the person for the job.The common goal of job research and employee performance appraisal is “to choose people according to the situation, and to fit the right person”.From the perspective of personnel management procedures, the post research is the premise of personnel assessment, and the post research should provide objective basis for the determination of the contents, items, index system and standards of personnel assessment.Study of 6, post is organization management modernization, improve productivity and work efficiency of the objective need of modern society through research, to redesign jobs and improve constantly, push all the jobs in the reasonable configuration of labor organization promote scientification of labor organization, ensure the production process as far as possible, balance and coordination.The rationalization and scientific disposition of labor force and production factors is beneficial to saving production cost and improving labor productivity.7, the research is the premise of labor planning, economic accounting personnel files formed by the research institute for the accurate preparation of labor plans, accounting costs to provide the premise.Post after the completion of the research, business planning, accounting department figures of each production unit and functional departments work amount, and the arrangement of human resources and use, a more accurate statistics and measurement, and labor for the enterprise plan preparation, product cost accounting provides a reliable basis, greatly improving the accuracy and feasibility of the plan.Basic principle, system principle, standardization principle 3 2 1, optimization principle 4, applied principle 5, economy principle 6, post principle 7, 1 level to the original method, investigation and study of method 1) observation method 2) questionnaire interview method 2, 3) quantitative analysis method of 3, psychology method 4, 1) nominal scale rating scale method.Also called category scale to measure category scoring.2) Sequential scale.This scale has neither equal units nor absolute zero points, and only requires a ranking order in a number of items according to certain criteria.3) Isometric scale.This table has a high level of measurement, using equal units but no absolute zero.4) Equal ratio scale.In addition to the characteristics of the above three scales, the scale also has a practical significance of absolute zero.This table has the highest level of measurement.5, other scientific methods of talent quality assessment, professional ability evaluation with human resource management services for the development of talent to promote employment, dedication to society, but professional skills evaluation and talent quality assessment based on different tools, different specific methods, different functions!The role of talent quality assessment: Talent assessment is a scientific means of systematic and objective measurement and assessment of people’s ability, personal characteristics and behavior through comprehensive use of psychology, management and talent science and other disciplines.It is a service that provides scientific basis for recruitment, selection, allocation and evaluation of talents, and improves the efficiency and benefit of individuals and enterprises.It plays an important role in human resource management and development, mainly reflected in the following five aspects: 1. It is conducive to talent selection and the use of traditional selection methods with strong subjectivity and randomness, often lead to the adverse consequences of staff not adapt to the post work, overstaffing.And the use of talent assessment technology, can understand the quality of people, so as to achieve according to the matter of choice, job matching.When the enterprise needs to recruit talents from outside, it can master the quality of candidates through talent evaluation, so as to select the best.When the enterprise needs to do internal personnel adjustment, talent assessment can be used as an important reference basis for this adjustment, so as to make full use of talents and talents.Traditional human resources information generally includes simple information such as gender, age and education background.However, in the fierce competition of modern society, such information alone is far from enough, because such information cannot fully and accurately reflect the quality of personnel, and it is more difficult to judge whether the applicants can meet the needs of future development.Therefore, modern human resources survey not only includes traditional natural information, but also includes personnel’s ability level and personal characteristics and other quality information, which can also be popularly called the establishment of personnel “quality” files.Enterprises can carry out targeted training according to the overall ability structure and characteristics of existing personnel, and use and manage personnel reasonably according to their characteristics.3. It helps to provide basis for team building. A good team is not the simple addition of one member, but the quality matching among its members should be reasonable and the cohesion should be strong.And the talent assessment can better provide the basis for the construction of a good team.For individuals, talent assessment can help individuals understand themselves, know where their strengths and interests are, so as to foster their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses in practice, contribute to personal career design and career development, and achieve better self-development.For managers, the performance of managers is always partly dependent on the performance of their subordinates.Employees without appropriate skills cannot work effectively and affect their own performance.Talent assessment can help managers quickly understand the actual ability of employees and provide diagnostic information for personnel training.Use scope: personnel evaluation technology can be used in both civil servants employed, party leadership cadre selection, assessment and evaluation, and can be used in the enterprise or business unit personnel promotion, promotion, evaluation and training, and can also be used for graduate employment guidance, on-the-job personnel transferred, position change, choosing a career to business performance evaluation, enterprise leadership, evaluation, etc.From the purpose of assessment, it can not only comprehensively test and evaluate a person, but also test a certain individual ability.Shen Yong (Researcher, Chinese Academy of Management Science, Master of Human Resources, Master of Management)