Not being understood is the norm, we have to learn to comfort ourselves, and the results will speak for themselves

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What you haven’t learned, you may not fully understand, or simply can’t understand.Just like you as an engineering student, ask you to look at a picture, probably understand is very different.Van Gogh’s paintings, for example, are not well understood by all.In this world, no one will think exactly the same as you, even twins, will have different preferences, let alone thoughts.People, even more so, can’t understand a person for a short time, but just because you spend a long time together doesn’t mean you can understand each other.You can understand her, probably because you’ve been with each other for a long time, you know each other a lot better, you know what they like to eat, what they don’t like to eat…As we move forward, some of us like to avoid risk, some of us like to take risks, to forge our own path.When you choose this road, some people around you will advise you a few words, but some people will be cynical, think you are brave……People who like you will naturally fall in love with each other and avoid each other when they don’t like you.Like-minded people will also attract each other to join the family, and it is unlikely that they will meet each other.One time I was particularly impressed was when our company participated in the bidding, and two project schemes entered the final stage. The team that everyone thought would win would succeed. In fact, no matter which team succeeded, it was a good thing for many companies.But the manager was both excited and a little surprised by the result, because the team that had been favored did not succeed. Instead, the team that had not been favored at the beginning won the project.Why did this happen?I remembered that when I chose my major in college, my family all agreed that it was better for me to find a job with automobile major. I finally chose computer major based on my own development. Although my family disagreed at the beginning, my parents thought that I made the right choice until I started to work.Everyone will not be understood sometimes, but when you do this well, I believe they will eventually come to understand.Not being understood is the norm, we have to learn to comfort ourselves, the results will speak for themselves.