How do you get your crush to accept your confession

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How can you let the person you like accept your confession, confession frankly is to express their love and love to the other side, divided into two kinds of expression: oral confession and body confession.Oral confession means: say something to let the other person know your feelings and expectations for her.It means something simple: that you enjoy the desire to touch her body.Suggest you first body confession, and then oral confession, so easy to succeed.A long time ago, I always expressed my love to the girls verbally: say something like “I like you, stay with me!”And all that stuff, but they turned me down.Later, I changed my mind and vowed not to express my feelings verbally even if I could not find my girlfriend, so I began to try to express my feelings physically.So I touched her hand and kissed her on the mouth, and then I said what I liked to say to her according to my mood.It worked very well.I suggest you do the same, do not come up with “I like you” such words, but first touch her, kiss her, even sleep with her, and then express love to her words.If she likes you and you touch her, she’ll be shy, and it’ll be easier to be with you.If she dodges or even feels embarrassed or disgusted when you touch or kiss her, your chances of getting together are almost gone.The experience is for reference only.