Guy “looking for girlfriend”, alarm police, fire, still detained

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“Brother, you come down first!””Look, you’re 24 and I’m 28. We’re both young people.””Have what words you say with me, we have a good chat.”Late at night in the cold wind, Xiaoshan Jingjiang residential building 11 storey roof roof, police Miao Jiangning exhorted, in front of him, a young man is standing on the prefabricated platform shivering…Recently, Jingjiang police station received a public alarm, said the area of a residential roof someone emotional.After receiving the police, deputy director Miu Jiangning immediately drove to the scene.I saw a young man sitting on the edge of the roof, emotional, winter night wind blowing, the man from time to time shivering, dangerous.Miao Jiangning immediately with the players and the scene of the street, fire staff to discuss countermeasures, division of labor, on the one hand through the conversation to distract its attention;On the one hand, sneak in from the side and rear, waiting for the opportunity to rescue.”I just want to see my girlfriend” through the dialogue, the police learned that the guy is not happy because of the quarrel with his girlfriend, girlfriend broke up and left him in a fit of anger, refused to meet again.As the boy was standing in a narrow place, and there was no protective measures behind him, the auxiliary police and firefighters involved in the rescue did not dare to act rashly, “attacking the heart” became the best choice.Therefore, when the boy put forward to see his girlfriend, the police immediately dialed his girlfriend phone, and told the boy his girlfriend is on the way.Hearing these, the young man mood slightly eased.Miao jiangning struck while the iron was hot. “Don’t take things too hard. What problems can’t be solved?Feelings thwarted, can be redeemed, life if lost, what hope did not!You are so cold, come down and drink some hot water!”Time of punishment according to law one minute one second passed, the boy’s girlfriend also arrived at the scene.Under the persuasion of the police and his girlfriend, the boy’s attitude has become obviously loose, unconsciously to rely on.Miao jiangning seized the opportunity to strike while the iron was hot and said, “Come down. Why do you do that?Look, so many people care about you, your girlfriend is crying.””All right, I’ll come down.”The boy hesitated for a while and saw his girlfriend crying for himself. Finally, he climbed down from the ladder provided by the rescue workers.The boy was immediately taken back to the police station, after learning that the boy’s name is Xiao Ni (alias, 24 years old), from Guizhou.The police tried to mediate between Xiao Ni and his girlfriend. “I know I have created a bad social influence and wasted social resources.A lot of people gathered downstairs to watch…”Ni in an extreme way to ask his girlfriend to meet, but also caused a large number of onlookers, such behavior has constituted a disturbance of public order, Xiaoshan police imposed administrative detention punishment according to law.In the people auxiliary police profound education, Ni realized their mistakes, and their behavior deeply regret and sorry.Article 23 Whoever commits any of the following acts shall be given a warning or fined not more than 200 yuan;(1) disturbing the order of government organs, public organizations, enterprises or institutions, so that work, production, business operations, medical treatment, teaching or scientific research cannot proceed normally, but serious losses have not been caused;(2) disturbing the order of railway stations, ports, wharves, airports, shopping malls, parks, exhibition halls or other public places;Hangzhou Public Security, peninsula Morning Post statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.