Average 1 cm 1.5 yuan, North America Holly continues to play a leading role in the Spring Festival flower market, red, mouth color flowers “dark war”

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The Spring Festival is approaching, and the Spring Festival Flower market is bustling again.If said that this year night flower market who is the most red, non North American Holly, not only a single branch to sell, but also as potted flowers with flowers, even with gold ingot, fu, silver willow and other components of the decoration of the false Holly, is also popular.North America Holly basically differs according to length price is different, of 40 50 centimeters 60 yuan or so, 80 centimeters want 120 yuan, come down on average 1 centimeter is 1.5 yuan.In addition to the North American Holly, hongyun beads, fufuzi and other red and mouth color flowers are also popular, after all, the Chinese New Year, buy flowers for a happy, auspicious.North American Holly continues to act as “old web celebrity” place flower market “number one” is, nor north American Holly place this year flower market new web celebrity, have red for a couple of years, but the red round branches full of lovely fruit look at really happy, delightful, so this year to continue as place flower market “number one”.When you walk into Lanling Flower and Bird Market in Putuo District, you can see the door of each flower shop. North American Holly occupies absolute C position.Some were put into vases and sold by twig;There are also as phalaenopsis and other potted plants supporting;More false Holly, larger fruit, thicker branches, and gold ingot, silver willow, fu and other decorative elements together.”North American Holly, 40 or 50 centimeters, 65 yuan;The long one, 120 yuan, about 80 cm.”Florists are eagerly soliciting customers for North American Holly.Like many flowers, Holly also has domestic and imported points, domestic mainly from Yunnan.A florist told reporters that domestic Holly fruit is small and dark, while imported Holly fruit is red and bright. “Last year, I bought some domestic Holly to sell, but as a result, it did not sell well. This year, there is no domestic Holly, all are imported.”Citizens Miss Chen these two years every New Year will buy a few branches of North America Holly, “more festive, and put the time is also quite long.”Shanghai botanical garden gardening expert introduction, if citizens buy potted north American Holly, just buy back don’t directly in outdoor, need to let it slowly adapt to the new environment, can be the first light good pot on the balcony, over a period of time again on the balcony or outdoor, step by step, build up the north American Holly resistance.Many people buy flowers for celebration and auspiciousness, but they are not necessarily flower lovers themselves.So, if you look at the whole flower market, half of the country is filled with red festive plants, or flowers with colorful names.Some of the flattering names are actually the names of products chosen by florists to please their customers, rather than the scientific names of plants.Anthurium, phalaenopsis, huilan, rhododendron, peony and so on are the representatives of the red department of midnight flowers.Of course, it is not to say that these flowers are only red, with the progress of horticulture technology, artificial cultivation of flowers and horticulture varieties increasingly rich, only color has red, pink, purple, green, light green, yellow, white, miscellaneous and so on, do not say the different flower type, it can be said to be a dazzling realm.Lady wang of citizen wants to buy a big flower hui LAN to serve as New Year household adornment, because the price does not poor, studied in a way one time.She found a large yellow whelan that seemed to be new this year.Horticultural expert tells a reporter, the flower head in big flower huilan is very much, color, flower model is slightly slightly different, it is different horticultural breed possibly.Common large flower varieties of Whelan include green “Tianjiao” and “Oasis”, light green “cuiyu”, yellow “Disc Shadow” and “gold magnolia”, purple “Hongpao”, “Hongxia” and “Kenny”, pink “mengmeng” and “Fu Niang”, etc.In LAN Ling flower city, the small phalaenopsis orchid of 3 branches opens a price to be about 180 yuan, the price of a few bigger is in above of 4 500 yuan, the price of big flower Hui LAN wants a few taller again, looking really beautiful, but the price also lets a person be astonished at really.The mouth color system of lunar New Year’s Eve flowers are represented by five generations, Buddha’s hand, rich son, rich bamboo, red rosewood, and lucky beads.Among them, there are “blossoming riches and honour, bamboo for peace” meaning of the rich bamboo, is a more affordable New Year’s eve flowers, bamboo 20 centimeters high about 20 or 30 yuan can be bought.Imported hongyun beads, good-looking raise time is also long, but a small basin will be 580 yuan.Compared with phalaenopsis, Huilan, Hongyun Pearl, North American Holly and other high-end Midnight flowers, silver willow, cyclamen, narcissus, wax plum and other affordable midnight flowers are more popular with ordinary citizens.The price of silver willow this year is 10 yuan a handful, there are 10 branches.The silver willow, also known as the silver sprout willow or cotton willow, is a willow plant that flowers first and then grows leaves. It blooms during the Spring Festival.The flower of silver willow is very special, and it is called “pussy catkin”. The inflorescence is composed of silvery white hairs and has a satin-like luster, so it is named “silver willow”.The silver willows of various colors in the flower market are processed by dyeing process.Cyclamen is also a very popular New Year’s eve flowers, unique flowers, corolla resembles rabbit ears, so it is also called “rabbit ear flowers.”About 30 yuan can buy a cyclamen, color choice is rich, the key can raise a few months, the longest can raise to 4 May.In addition to physical flower shops, many people are now buying flowers online.As the Spring Festival approaches, online florists offer more promotions, such as 9.9 yuan for peony per second, 19.9 yuan for imported double tulips, and early bird prices for rose bouquets for Valentine’s Day on February 14.Photo credit: Yu Wenyan