Annual Report: Zhenyun Technology signed 240+ new customers and 200+ online projects, hitting a new record high

2022-05-10 0 By

In 2021, Zhenyun has become a strong riring and butterfly flying to the top of digital procurement. Looking back, 240+ new customers have been signed in the whole year, the C round financing of 200+ project has been completed with 650 million yuan, and 30 market events with 15,000 demands have been held.The first user conference was successfully held in The charming Suzhou. Behind this, there were more than 600 people working day and night for CNNC, ComAC, Dahengqin Pantourism, Zhoneng…Central enterprises, state-owned enterprises choose Zhen Yun Phoenix, Shanghai Jahwa, Shanghai Auntie……Foreign companies, private companies to zhen Yunmingzhe property, Shenghe pharmaceutical, Weilong delicious, Lin wood……Property, medicine, food, home and other industries covering China Innovation Aviation, Huya, Huafeng Group, Green……The new economy, the old industry swept yongxiang shares, Kuntai, Baiquling, Yuanzu shares……Old customers choose day together again as a bird to fly high, wide sea diving wide purchasing digital circuit person, thousand sails athletics ZhenYun technology blossom dazzling ray asked disappears, who decides selection and ecological ZhenYun resonance, the resonance and sharing YunCang, wide source, cloudy deployment, ZhenYun instantly, elves, index system of supplier documents…Continue to research, polish, innovate product capital, cloud infrastructure manufacturers, electronic signature, technology service providers, e-commerce platform……This year, Zhen Yunren continued to stand on the platform of the 7th China Good Procurement, Tencent Smart Retail Wisdom Meeting, China Industry Digital Summit, CXO Leader Value Private meeting…It has also been standing on the podium of China’s Industry Innovation Top 100, the most Innovative Brand Influence TOP30, the most Potential Unicorn Innovation Enterprise TOP20 in 2021, the best SaaS service provider in the food industry…In 2021, the historical convergence of China’s “two centenary Goals” will start a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. In zhenyun’s internal and external integration, the magnificent transformation will start a new strategy with the attitude of “long-termism” and stride into a new era. 2022 Zhenyun will continue to sail on the digital procurement track to write the next chapter of Zhenyun