Yulan as Snow/Guo Yubo’s Micro Poem Appreciation of Rain Water

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Yulan as snow/Guo Yubo micro poetry appreciation “rain” “rain” yulan as snow/Guo Yubo jiangnan back again Ice and snow XiLei patters rolled up dongfeng night sad touching love song Silent mood yulan as snow/Guo Yubo light that is like the autumn wind pushes the stream flowing water ahead Forward light singing the same song in one thousand took my time I really want to with water east to find my splendid sunglow sasha vujacicSasha vujacic on both sides of the reed shook her head and laugh I hope in the autumn water it again and again turn finally didn’t pick up the first floating youth can find out how to paste the good mood for the river autumn waters near me silly questions again and again to the river never reaction were left in the autumn wind a lamentable aria still ding-dong forward yulan as snow Formerly known as: Guo Yubo, have been popular words, and goes hand in hand.Thousands of poems have been published in newspapers in recent years.Poetry society and the Internet.Once in “Yantai Evening News” “Shandong youth” “China miniature poem” “China miniature poem” “Shandong militia” “China small poem garden” “day song miniature poem” “beautiful miniature poem” “Jiangshan literature” “poem sea bit by bit” “China poetry new world” “China miniature poem grand view” and other paper and many poetry clubs, websites published.Now he is the deputy webmaster of The website of “Chinese Poetry New World”, the deputy editor of paper and journal, the vice chairman of the association, and the editor of wechat official account.