Today, we come of age!

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When the youth, yellow birds do not rest.The age of 18 is a shining age, which records the youth and growth of teenagers, and also carries their dreams and beliefs.Today, the coming of age ceremony of 2022 Quzhou No.2 Middle School was held.More than 1000 young and energetic students, teachers and parents from Quzhou No.2 middle School and Bowen Middle School gathered in the center of the Red Fifth Ring Square to witness this exciting moment.Eighteen years old, at the same age as flowers, the dream of flying high encourages students to keep moving forward.Wearing the adult hat, taking over the adult certificate, crossing the adult door, this group of 18 years old youth stepped into the ranks of adults, opened a new chapter of life, at the same time, also means that their life is about to start a struggle to take off.When the eighteenth came, the great task began.When the teenagers become adults, they also received precious gifts from their parents.Zhang Xia, a senior in Class 12 of Quzhou No. 2 High School, also received a piece of calligraphy with the words “Books have dreams”.Zhang’s father told us, “I hope my son can pursue his dreams in his studies.”Yang Haoyu’s father prepared a photo album for him as an adult gift, which included his photos from childhood to adulthood, attracting a lot of students to watch.Yang Haoyu said shyly: “I did not expect my father prepared such a special gift for me, I am very happy, but also very like it.”Today, Zheng Du, from Class 7, grade 3 of Quzhou No.2 Middle School, received a handwritten blessing and a message from the teachers in Xinghua Middle School.Zheng Du’s father collected it and gave it to him as a special gift.”I wish you, at the age of 18, could take on the responsibility of building dreams and climbing mountains.””May you take the dream as the horse, stick to the original aspiration, cultivate their own piece of dream field, peach kind of spring breeze li kind.””The most afraid of a mediocre life, but also comfort themselves ordinary valuable.I hope you can do your best in your best years.”At the graduation ceremony, 22 teachers sent sincere blessings to all the students, hoping that they would pursue their dreams bravely and do their best at the most youthful age.The grace of parents is selfless, the love of children is silent.Every day and night in the past 18 years, I have been accompanied by my parents’ silent devotion and love.At the coming-of-age ceremony, the students faced their parents, held each other’s hands, talked to each other in the song “Where has the Time Gone”, and woke up their precious memories deep in their minds.”Dad, your food isn’t dark, but it’s not that exciting.As time goes by, now you are so skilled at making egg fried rice that mom no longer has to worry about my hunger!Dad, keep up the good work and look forward to the day when you make a big delicious table.Daddy, I love you!”Quzhou two high school three (14) class Ma Xiaoyan Yu to dad slightly teasing affectionate confession, make the audience of students laugh, Ma Xiaoyan Yu also in laughter with tears and dad hug, thank him for so many years for their silent love.”Youth is the best time to struggle.But the striver is extraordinary, but the doer is brilliant, but the striver is heroic.At the age of 18, youth is like a poem and a dream.In the best of times to unremitting struggle and struggle, brave to pursue dreams.Fearless looking forward and looking back without regret are the true colors and responsibilities of hot-blooded youth.The trajectory of life is a performance that cannot be repeated.May you do your best on the stage of your life and play the most wonderful life with hard work.”Pan Zhiqiang, party secretary of Quzhou No. 2 High School, blessed each student at the ceremony.”When you are 18, I want to tell you that we are passing on love, we are passing on kindness, we are passing on gratitude.I want to share with you, let us make up our minds to do a warm and loving person, do a positive person, do a sunny person.I wish you a happy growth, academic success, smooth sailing in your future career, and I wish you to fly higher, farther and stronger.””Said Shu Zhongsheng, a famous commentator who graduated from Quzhou No. 2 High School in 1980 and is deputy director of Zhejiang Economic Video Channel.”Today is a big day for everyone. It’s our bar mitzvah.I think, after today’s adult ceremony, each of our younger students will be more mature, more independent and more responsible.I wish you in the future adult after the first battle – college entrance examination to get good results, feedback to our school, feedback to our parents, to adult teachers, adult words, adult behavior, live up to our times, live up to our youth, live up to the youth, achieve a wonderful life!”Hu Jun, vice president of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, who is a 91st alumnus of Quzhou No.2 High School, gave his blessing.”After this coming-of-age ceremony, I hope I can work harder and make more progress. When I was young, MY dream was to be a competent people’s policeman. I hope I can realize my dream through my own hard work.”Bowen middle school senior three (6) class Zheng Yunkai said.Just the students young, in their prime;Scholarly spirit, violent party.Having experienced their youth, these young men and women begin to embark on a new journey. I hope you will stay true to your original aspiration and forge ahead. Even if there is a long way to go, there is a bright future ahead.@Quzhou Radio and Television All Media News Center Jiang Shuhan Zhu Zhiyue Correspondent: Fan Shaojie responsible editor: Jiang Yan Review: Tong Weiliai Zhu Ding final review: Wang Ying statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: