National football coach Li Xiaopeng: against Saudi Arabia is the “strangle battle” team will fight to the end

2022-05-09 0 By

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, March 23 (By Xiao Shiyao and Su Xiaopo)A press conference was held before the 9th round of the Men’s World Cup qualifiers between China and Saudi Arabia in Sharjah on Wednesday.Li Xiaopeng, head coach of China national Football Team, said that the team’s condition has been greatly improved after training, and the match with Saudi Arabia on 24th is a “death match”, the team will fight to the end.At present China already missed the World Cup is playing, and the group ranked first Saudi Arabia team this round as long as the victory, will be directly promoted.Li xiaopeng said, “Although I have lost the chance to enter the World Cup, I have always stressed that all the players should fight for the face of Chinese football.””Tomorrow it will be a very tough game, it will be a stranglehold, they want to win and we want to win.[I would] play with guys who are tough, who want to fight, who are willing to fight, who can fight to the end.At least show that the team is strong and mentally minded. That’s the minimum requirement.”Li Xiaopeng said.As for the game plan, Li xiaopeng said that the team would pay attention to the balance between attack and defense: “The most important thing is balance. We should attack when we should attack, and strengthen the attack while defending.We won’t stop attacking because we don’t have enough strikers.”All the players are working very hard, training very hard, the players’ condition has improved a lot, hopefully the players can give 100 percent and have a good result.”Li Xiaopeng said.”Every game in this group is very difficult. We respect China. Now we need to focus and maintain our performance.If the team is in good form, we can qualify for the World Cup.”