Chevrolet SUV to help you ride snow and ice to the store test drive and surprise blind box!

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The first snow of 2021 is fierce, how to travel safely in the snow and ice?Chevrolet SUV to help you handle snow and ice!From now on, the Chevrolet 110th anniversary test drive experience season of “Legend of Warm Winter Youth” is in full swing. Visit the local designated Chevrolet exhibition hall in Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang to test drive pioneers, explorers, Malibu XL and Chang Tour, and you will have the chance to win the surprise blind box lottery.It contains audio and video website membership, lifestyle drink discount vouchers, movie vouchers, travel platform vouchers, car maintenance platform vouchers and other gifts. Now come to the Chevrolet showroom in person to test drive experience and get the gift!On October 29, the 2022 Chevrolet Explorer was officially launched.As the star of the Chevrolet SUV family, the Explorer has strong and reliable product features and extremely fun to drive performance.Among the six models of 2022 Explorer, 550T RS series models are fully upgraded to light hybrid models, which will improve driving quality and fuel economy by carrying 48V light hybrid power system, and bring consumers more authentic American SUV control experience.For a medium-sized SUV that carries the whole family and needs to adapt to various road conditions, the Chevrolet 2T9 flagship power combination composed of the 2.0t intelligent variable cylinder turbine engine carried by The Explorer and the 9-speed HYDRAMATIC® manual automatic transmission is absolutely high energy. The 2.0T power is really needless to say and the ride is very smooth.The dynamics are fluid, but there is no sense of being out of control.When shifting gears, the response speed is particularly fast, not sluggish at all, it has a freewheeling feeling.Explore the world to provide more high-grade technology configuration, to meet consumers’ higher demand for travel quality.All the 2022 model of Exploration will enjoy the “double engine” service policy, that is: engine, gearbox and other main parts of the power assembly for 8 years or 160,000 kilometers of ultra-long warranty service, and 100G of “OnStar application free flow” every year, to provide users with considerate services.Chevrolet Trailblazer is an American 7-seat SUV equipped with 48V light hybrid power system to improve the sense of driving quality and fuel economy. At the same time, it creates a comfortable car life for consumers with intelligent vehicle experience, complete safety technology and wide and comfortable space performance.Chevrolet Pioneer light hybrid models are all entitled to triple purchase gift and “double engine” service policy, that is: engine, gearbox and other main parts of the powertrain 8 years or 160,000 km long warranty service, as well as 100G of “OnStar application free flow” every year, to provide users with considerate services.On the whole, “comfortable and reliable, powerful” is the biggest feeling of most test drive customers on Chevrolet SUV models!Run up refreshing, fuel – saving, easy to take you to control ice and snow!Don’t forget the wonderful raffle, test drive can also get a good gift oh, details can be consulted in the shop.