Yuan PLUS, the first SUV of BYD E platform 3.0, was officially launched!

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 19, BYD e platform 3.0 under the first SUV model Yuan PLUS officially launched between 131,800 to 159,800 yuan;Byd E platform 3.0 is a special pure level platform, which is a pure electric vehicle platform launched by BYD after 5 years and cost 10 billion yuan.On the basis of the previous two generations of platforms, the core advantages of E platform 3.0 are mainly shown in four aspects: security, efficiency, intelligence and aesthetics.Byd Yuan PLUS has five configurations and two ranges, including two configurations for the 430KM version and three configurations for the 510KM version.As shown in the figure below, the dimensions are between Yuan Pro and Song Pro: 4455/1875/1615mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 2720mm. It is positioned as a compact SUV.Car color: 5 car paint colors, adventure green, surfing blue, rock climbing gray, ski white, parkour red, from the name of a strong sports, the colors are all related to sports!The most interesting is the door panel storage case, is there a kind of balalaika feeling!Storage space is extended by three “strings”;The three “strings” look like they can actually make a sound!There are three “strings” on each side: a 150-kilowatt permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 204 horsepower and 0-100 km acceleration of 7.3 seconds;Equipped with lithium iron phosphate blade battery BYD’s unique “black technology” — blade battery;