Thousands of demonstrators clash with police in Australia.Some demonstrators were carrying guns and a number of people were arrested

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// Preface // Demonstrations in Australia seem to have become a habit. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been demonstrations at regular intervals!Once again, thousands of people gathered in the Old Parliament building to block traffic, but the difference was that protesters clashed with police, who found guns on the protesters!Just now, there has been another massive protest in Canberra, with thousands of people demonstrating outside Old Parliament House for the same reason as before: against mandatory booster shots!There were protesters carrying upside-down Australian flags and others carrying red boat flags.The crowds caused traffic delays in central Canberra and local police warned people to be prepared.This time the demonstration was not just for Canberra residents, but also attracted anti-vaccination campaigners from other parts of the country.Protesters camped at Patrick White for several days before police cleared them out.In fact, The Crown has the highest vaccination rates in Australia, with 98.6% of people aged 12 and over receiving two doses of vaccine and more than half receiving booster shots.But the march in Canberra, the capital of Australia, was even more significant, with thousands demonstrating the resolve of anti-vaccination campaigners across Australia.Capital Territory Police tweeted: “Intermittent disruption to traffic in and around central Canberra is expected today.”Drivers are asked to be patient and avoid the area as much as possible.Demonstrations across Australia have been peaceful in recent days, unlike the frequent clashes with police during the lockdown.But this time, angry demonstrators clashed with police. Some people were injured and fell to the ground.The confrontation reportedly began when a woman attacked police, leading to more people pushing and shoving with police.The scene was clearly recorded by the media.Shortly after the clashes broke out, police arrested two people, one the woman who started the attack and the other the man who had been obstructing police.Several more arrests were made, but they were soon released, according to reports.But news of the grisly scene quickly spread to the media, as police found a modified rifle among the demonstrators, carried by a 44-year-old man who had been hiding in the crowd.Fortunately, the protester was only carrying a rifle and did not fire a weapon, otherwise things would have escalated!Finally, although demonstrations often occur in Australia, and many people are even accustomed to them, this demonstration is not peaceful, and the clashes between demonstrators and police are only one aspect.The real danger is the man with the modified rifle. If the shooting happens, it will be very bad.There could even be stampedes and bloodshed…Fortunately, the police found it in time, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous!