The whole line will be connected before the Asian Games!The beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (Hangzhou section) upgrade project starts today

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“The Asian Games will be completed before the ‘yundao’!”February 15, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (Hangzhou section) upgrade project officially started.As an important part of the provincial greenway Line 2, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal road upgrading project, which runs through the two districts of Gongshu and Shangcheng, will be completed by the end of May, realizing the 30.4km greenway from Fengqi Road to Shixiang Road on both sides of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (Hangzhou section).At that time, the millennium ancient canal will be a new look to meet the arrival of hangzhou Asian Games.”The implementation of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal road upgrading project is a vivid measure to adhere to green development, protect the good ecological communities on both sides of the canal, promote the improvement of the green belt landscape along the canal, and also a vivid practice of Hangzhou to ensure the Asian Games, continue to enlarge the effect of the Asian Games, and improve the urban function and quality.”City construction Committee (city green road office) person in charge said that the project to improve the “five concept” as the lead, to enhance the sense of people and satisfaction for the purpose, the continuation of the “river to the people” comprehensive protection goal, the construction of the people’s canal, the canal for tourists.”At present, there are still many breakpoints in the canal greenway. Some sections are narrow, the road surface is uneven, and the greening is too dense or too sparse, which makes the experience poor.”City canal group relevant controller introduces, the following will appear in the culture, landscape architecture, night view lighting, aquatic products and so on four aspects to improve, through the canals of living river terminal, ring road north, gao tang, qianjiang new city second phase 4 place breakpoints, realize the “canal” of the world and fusion of hangzhou local historic context.Take the iconic Gongchen Bridge at the south end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal for example, there are a lot of cultural stories deposited by history on both sides of the canal.”Gongchen Bridge is the starting point for Lu Xun to go out to study, and it is also the market life under Yu Dafu’s pen. We will show canal culture on the Green Road in a reasonable way.””In the future, citizens will be able to enjoy the slow-moving function of the greenway and experience the culture of the canal for thousands of years,” said an official from the canal Group.With the project officially started, the future picture of “Hangzhou Road” is slowly unfolding.”Asian Games is getting closer and closer, the project time is tight and the task is heavy, we will continue to adhere to high standards, strict requirements, so that the integration of culture, tourism, fitness and other functions of the ‘Hangzhou Road’ become the spotlight under the Asian Games beautiful scenery, for Hangzhou greenway, Zhejiang greenway to increase new brands, new highlights.”Municipal construction commission said.