The action manual for The Best Kids

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How can we make our children more active?Many parents are troubled by the phenomenon that their children shrink back from difficult or uninterested things, are afraid of them and do not try.But is it true that children are not motivated?Instead of pushing your child to study, say let him play a game or cell phone for an hour to make sure he gets enough time.Does he really not know it’s bad to stay up all night and watch TV or cartoons for hours?He knew all too well, but his brain was caught in a dopamine trap.What is dopamine?Dopamine is certainly well known, but what it does is less well understood. To put it simply, dopamine is the pleasure, craving chemical that is produced in just about every activity, in varying amounts.For example, people tend to drink less water, drink more beverages, read less and play more video games. The brain tends to get more dopamine.But if we do these effortless dopamine activities over a long period of time, not only will we become lazy and stupid, but the threshold of happiness will continue to rise. Just like spicy eaters need to eat more to be satisfied, in the long run, we won’t be happy again.So what’s the solution?We can start by listing all the things that normally cause you to produce a lot of dopamine.Such as games, cartoons and so on.But remember that it’s all, rather than stop playing the game and turn your head to the video.Take a month off and do something meaningful that used to be boring.Jogging, performing, reading, etc., is part of the dopamine reset process.When the threshold drops, we can pick out the most interesting thing as a reward for self-discipline during the day, but at the end of the day, for example, after a day of study, we can reward children with two hours of play time, but we must strictly control the time.If you want to give your kids a push in the New Year, but you can’t watch them all the time, let them join the Best Kids. No city concrete, no temptation to fall into the dopamine trap, no games, no phones, just nature in the spring.It is a trip full of challenges, a chance to fight alongside your friends, a wonderful exploration to see the mountains and rivers of your motherland, and something that will make you happy and meaningful.We are recruiting the best kids national contestants ~2022 New stage waiting for you to meet the new challenges!-END-