Spring chicken breeding attention to prevent ascites syndrome

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Ascites syndrome occurs mostly in the growing stage of broiler chickens and is more likely to occur in spring and winter every year.The main cause of broiler ascites syndrome is feeding or management is not in place, if broiler disease should be timely symptomatic treatment, prevent secondary infection, reduce the loss to a greater extent.There are many kinds of factors leading to the occurrence of ascites syndrome in broiler chickens in spring, among which the more common performance in the following aspects, today here is a simple summary for reference.1. Feeding problems.Ascites in broilers may be caused by feeding high-energy diet, high-protein diet, lack of vitamin C, selenium and phosphorus in diet or feeding moldy feed.Poor management.For a long time, broilers in winter and spring, cold climate, high ammonia concentration, hypoxia, poor ventilation in the chicken house, a long time is also easy to cause ascites disease.3. Genetic factors.This kind of situation is less, but does not exclude some special cases, the occurrence of ascites of broilers is affected by genetic factors, especially some of the growth speed of broiler seedlings, the incidence is higher.4. Disease factors.Balloon inflammation, respiratory disease, bronchitis and other diseases, if not timely control, with the development of the disease, it may be secondary to the disease.Sometimes drug use is undeserved, also may cause ascites disease.Prevention and control measures of broiler ascites syndrome 1, preventive measures above we understand the cause of the disease, I believe that there has been a direction in the prevention work, of course, the elimination of incentives is the key.(1) Reasonable collocation of feed.When feeding broilers, attention should be paid to the energy in the diet should not be too high, the experimental amount should be appropriate not too much, according to the situation of broilers, appropriate supplementation of vitamins, to prevent feeding chickens mildew feed.Avoid growing too fast.(2) Improve the feeding environment.Do a good job of warm, ventilation, reduce the occurrence of stress, found in the chicken house carbon monoxide, ammonia and other harmful substances as soon as possible ventilation out.(3) found sick chicken timely symptomatic treatment, to prevent the deterioration or spread of the disease.2, coping strategies once found that broilers have ascites syndrome, to timely symptomatic treatment, control as soon as possible, reduce death and loss.12 needles can be used to Pierce into the abdominal cavity of sick chicken to extract ascites first, and then inject green streptomycin each 20 thousand international units, after 2 ~ 4 times of treatment can make part of sick chicken recovery.Or give sick chickens rhubarb soda tablets (20-day-old chicks 1 tablet/per day, other day-old chickens as appropriate) to remove gastrointestinal contents, and then feed Vc and antibiotics.To symptomatic treatment and prevention of secondary infection, while strengthening internal and external hygiene management and disinfection.The occurrence of ascites syndrome in broiler chickens is often caused by the co-existence of various pathogenic factors. It is beneficial to the recovery of broiler chickens by adjusting the feeding and management of broiler chickens according to the actual situation during the treatment.